Quote Hall of Fame (Forum related chats)

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Quote Hall of Fame (Forum related chats)

Post by f1fan on December 18th 2016, 12:54 am

"Sandfer dumped Thaber harder than a garbage truck on Thursday" -Noah Hart on Skype

Kenny Myatt:

Maddie Myatt:

Erin Perkins:

Sean Perkins:

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Re: Quote Hall of Fame (Forum related chats)

Post by nhood53 on December 18th 2016, 7:48 am

"And Shannon A. Hudelson gets taken out by Chris Likens! The leader! Shannon A. Hudelson won't be happy."
A few hours later:
"Fifteen laps to go at Dover. Shannon A. Hudelson just has to hold off Bob Jones, who is stuck 4 wide and GETS WIPED OUT by Dillon Theroux! Shannon A. Hudelson is on a lap of his own. Lap 400: Off turn 4, Shannon A. Hudelson wins at Dover!"
My commentary of the Season 5 Dover 400.

Nathan Hood
Owner of Explorer Motorsports
Wins: 19
Hood: 3 wins
Vernio: 3 wins
Moss: 4wins
Bunnell: 1 win
Hunter: 1 win, 1 Championship
Gonzalez: 1 win
Kendall: 1 win
D. Bunnell: 1 win
Stucolé: 1 win
G. Hood: 1 All Star win
Kingrey: 1 All-Star Race win
Martin: 1 All-Star Race win
Remember as a note from Vernio himself:

Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

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