What was the Best Race in your Canon?

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What was the Best Race in your Canon?

Post by nhood53 on December 18th 2016, 3:18 pm

Please answer this question:
If you run a series, what were the best 5 races that ever happened in your canon? Mine would be the Season 5 Dover 400, though there have been other events that have made history in some fashion.
1. Dover 500 Season 5: Shane Hudelson gets first and only win after getting severely damaged on lap 134.
2. Daytona 500 Season 4: Cody Hagen wins from last starting spot.
3. Bristol Night Season 3: Cody Hagen flips Nick Smith, John Cittadino wins.
4. Daytona 500 Season 2: Antevia Kingrey hands Katie Martin the win.
5. Season 7 Race at 349: Two leaders tangle on the Turn of Death, Lafter Stucolé wins.

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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