Who would you say is "on top" of the series currently?

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Who would you say is "on top" of the series currently?

Post by FUEL on December 22nd 2016, 4:58 pm

Drivers who at one time was on top of the series.

Richerd Johnson
at one point had 10 wins in only the first 5 seasons when the next guy behind him in the winning list was 7 wins behind him. Richerd earned the name of the King when he earned 10 career wins and two championships before a driver could even think of winning 5 career wins. Richerd is still mentioned as possibly the best driver ever in the series having 24 career wins and 2 championships after retiring.

Eric Burton
In his rookie year in Season 9, Eric Burton finished outside the Top 10 only 2 times in a 15 race season. He went on to win 5 career victories. That's 1/3 of the entire season Eric Burton grabbed the win, in present day a driver would need to win 12 races in a single season to achieve the same glory. Eric Burton set standards we thought would never be achieved. He won the title that season as well and marking his name at that time as "on top" of the series. Burton is tied for 5th all time on the win list today at 15 career wins. Truly amazing career but after going winless in 2016 and losing his ride at Turner Fenway... Burton is not on top anymore currently I would say.

Eugene Demax
Another driver with an amazing career. Eugene is tied for 3rd all time on the win list with 18 career wins! 18 wins in a single series is amazing. Eugene Demax at one moment was "on top" of the series in Season 14. Nick Mace told Demax he wouldn't be back after Season 14 and Demax went on a tear to prove the decision was a bad one for Mace as he won 6 times! 6 victories in a 19 race season... Despite multiple DNFs but multiple wins Eugene Demax kept his name in the game all the way til the Season Finale. Demax finished 3rd in the title fight despite winning 6 races and nearly tying Burton of winning 1/3 of the season. Eugene was let go from Mace Enterprises in a shocking twist. Eventually the two would merge back together but heading into Season 15, Eugene Demax was our best driver at that time.

Jacob Hart
Jacob Hart is another driver with more than 10 career victories but him tying Richerd Johnson with 2 championships and being the first driver to win back to back championships in Season 16 and 17... Jacob only winning 3 races in those 2 seasons combined still had solid enough runs to win the title. As a solid driver for the series... Jacob was a serious threat heading into Season 18 to win an astonishing 3rd straight title and was our best driver at the time.

Nick Mace
Nick Mace has never really had a defining moment in the series where we could say he is the top driver of the series right now... He never won a championship until Season 14 and never has won over 3 races a season... He was a threat each and every season but never could find the streak he needed to win multiple races or a championship. Nick Mace has only finished outside the Top 5 in the points only 5 times in the 20 Season period his been in the series and only 3 times has Nick Mace not finished inside the Top 10 in final standings. Nick Mace won the championship in Season 14 and a Daytona 500 in Season 13 but has came runner up to winning a championship 4 times. Nick Mace has averaged winning 2-3 races in a single season with winning 26 career victories. Nick Mace's race team won 9 times in 2016, he won 4 times for the team but was eliminated in the championship chase fight. Mace and his race team no doubt looks fierce heading into 2017.

Luke Martin
Luke Martin is definitely one of the best drivers we've ever seen. His stats says it all, 18 career wins. Still looking for the championship... Luke Martin has came runner up for the championship 5 times in his career. 1/4 of the time Luke finished 2nd in the championship fight. Season 2-7 was the period for Martin that he was poised to win the championship, finishing 3rd standings in Season 2, runner up by only 1 point in Seasons 4 and 6, Season 7 he lost by 3 points. Luke Martin heading into Season 8 had a lot of eyes on him because he was so close many of times. He was what some would say on top of the series as the most consistent driver to be a contender year after year.

Who do I believe is on top of the series right now?

Well if I had to look at the drivers and see how they've been doing in the past 2 years in 2015 and 2016... I believe it's a toss up from Jeff James and Jesse Turner! These two are the on the rise and I believe they have more the show in 2017. James and Turner have won 6 races in the past 2 years the most all time by a driver currently in the current era. Turner winning the championship in 2015, and James making the chase off consistency which is exactly how the championship will be decided in 2017... I believe these two will be a force to be reckon with in 2017. They both had to work their way up through the series driving underfunded cars in their rookie campaigns and earning their top rides today. They'll be interesting to watch in 2017.

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Re: Who would you say is "on top" of the series currently?

Post by MrKyleCollins on December 22nd 2016, 5:11 pm

Kyle Collins s/

I think Nick Mace. He's competitive every year, every race, on the best team and is possibly the best driver ever. Even with his age he hasn't seemed to do worse, he's possibly gotten better some may say. No doubt in my mind Mace is on top.

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Re: Who would you say is "on top" of the series currently?

Post by RedViperGaming on December 22nd 2016, 5:23 pm

I honestly think it's a mix of drivers,
Turner, Mace, Hart, Martin, and Now new Drivers are coming into the spotlight.

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Re: Who would you say is "on top" of the series currently?

Post by nhood53 on December 22nd 2016, 5:28 pm

Nick Mace. He has the most wins by a single driver, won a championship, and had undeniably the strongest car in 2016. He'll only get better in 2K17 and with the removal of the Chase will probably get another championship.

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Re: Who would you say is "on top" of the series currently?

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