New race distances implemented after fan complaints

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New race distances implemented after fan complaints

Post by f1fan on December 30th 2016, 8:00 pm

Ever since ARCSOA has implemented the 130 Mile limitations for all races outside of special events, fans have complained that the Oval races are too short. 130 mile races at Super-Speedways tend to range about 45 minutes, while a 130 mile race at a road course can be almost 90 minutes long. So to combat this, ARCSOA interim CEO Vijay Pushanda has announced that the races on non-short track ovals will increase to 200 miles long.

Pushanda stated, "We want to make the races as equal in time as possible. Right now on our higher speed ovals, that isn't the case. The fans at those tracks should deserve equally the same amount of on track time as the fans at the Road Courses."

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