Season 8 Schedule WITH WINNERS

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Season 8 Schedule WITH WINNERS Empty Season 8 Schedule WITH WINNERS

Post by nhood53 on January 28th 2017, 9:03 am

Season 8 Schedule:
1. Kentucky- Roman Rehall
2. Bristol- Emmanuel Hartnett
3. Daytona One-Off- Roman Rehall
4. Auto Club- Christian Merrick Jr.
5. Bridgehampton- Charles Sandfer
6. Pulekohe One-Off- Jarvi Lethinen
7. Sonoma- Deb Bunnell
8. Thornton- Charles Sandfer
9. Watkins Glen- Brenna Carmichael (R)
10. Castle Gorge- Luca Icks
11. NMGAR 800 II- Jarvi Lethinen
12. Dover 400 One Off- Heather Stucolé (R)
13. Charlotte- Nathan Hood
14. Homestead- Deb Bunnell
15. Birmingham 500 One-Off- Benoit Lothaire-Irvine
16. Zen Joltis- Jay Jianoran (R)
17. 349- Benoit Lothaire-Irvine
18. Eurospeedway- Scott Roush
19. New Hampshire- Aidan Shepherd
20. Watkins Glen- Charles Sandfer
21. Ohio- Eli Bright
22. Daytona One-Off- Scott Roush
23A. Kentucky Consolation/Qualifying Races/LCQ (similar to American 700)- Josh Trainor
23. Kentucky One-Off- Rob Mooney and Nathan Hood
24. Pocono- Luca Icks
25. Dover- Scott Roush
26. Nurburgring- Aidan Shepherd
-----CHASE CUT-OFF------
27. Carbondale- Nathan Hood
28. Darlington- Heather Stucolé
29. Bahrain- Gideon Giegers
-----ROUND OF 12---------
30. Indianapolis- Kevin Anderson
31. Auto Club Road Course- Roman Rehall
32. Coca-Cola- Gideon Giegers
-------ROUND OF 8---------
33. Michigan- PH Williams
34. Pocono- Zach Shepperd
35. Talladega- Lafter Stucolé
------FINAL FOUR--------
36. Black Hills Backroads- Dumindu
Champion- Roman Rehall

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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