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ARC of Rising: The Legacy of Legends

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ARC of Rising: The Legacy of Legends Empty ARC of Rising: The Legacy of Legends

Post by Finnish909 on January 31st 2017, 11:45 pm

*Old photos lay on a desk. As the sound of footsteps can be herd coming into the room. The figure of the person was blurred as this person then turns on an old desk lamp. The dust shines through onto the pictures. Showing historic moments from the careers of former drivers in the ARC division. The likes of younger versions of drivers like Tom Allen, JF Finguy, Hart, Dewitt Fordale. All of them were here as recordings behind the photos play in the background.

"It's going to be Hart! Across the line, Hart will win it at Daytona for the first time in his career!"

"Tom Allen across the line, he will do it for a second time! Happy Birthday to you, TWO-TIME CHAMPION!"

"This Cinderella ending will come to a close, JF Finguy has SHOCKED the ARC community, he will WIN his first championship for the North!"

"The Legend, The Legacy, Dewitt Fordale will become an Eight-Time ARC Champion!"

*The recordings stop, as a hand grabs out to one photo specifically, the picture of the 43 of JF's Ford. Now the figure that was blurred was cleared out. It was his son, Jeffery holding the picture.

"...Little off the old chipped block you'd say... But. It was your name and your coaching that got me into ARCSOA, what it used to be your league..."

*The photo was placed back as Finguy looks at the camera from his seat on the desk.

"Yes, what you see in ARCSOA today with the competition with names like Ryan Griffin, Sean Angel, Tyler Thabor, and Kyle Collins. To the names of Champions like Kenny Myatt, Nick Pericles, and Nathan McKane. While we see a new generation almost take over. We remember our past, take this as you may as a Northerner taking you on a history lesson in the South. We'll talk about three of their greatest champions on record.

Let's talk about one of those pioneers of ARC. Only recognizable by a sponsor that would make for gatherings in the ARC race weekends ever more homely. Driving in his famous 8 Budweiser Chevrolet, the literal Mr. Perfection of ARC, Dewitt Fordale. Fordale has had an illustrious career. With 8 Championships in three consecutive reigns separated by other drivers. Fordale is the driving force of what made ARC a household name, and always a fan favorite. Fordale was always a threat, wracking up over 100 wins at 188, Dewitt was considered to be really in the hunt for 'Greatest of All Time'. Many drivers even in ARCSOA today wishes to be Fordale from the past. But I doubt if they'll even break the 20 win mark, or even win 2 championships now a day. Fordale was on a record on his own. Dare I say a league of his own. His records will never be replicated today in this day and age."

Dewitt Fordale; 8-Time ARC Champion

"Next, let's talk about one of if not the most respected men to call himself an ARC Champion. Two of those crowns to be exact as this patriarchy of the name, Allen. Tom Allen, driving the number 4 machine was really the alternative favorite if for some reason Fordale was to DNF or not be as dominant as he was usually. Allen was that charismatic and knowing how to drive the wheel. Finally reaching the apex of when he will reach the top or skimming on by being second best. Tom had reached that top not just once, but two times. Racking up wins in only the double digets in 11. His fights with Dewitt for the championships was one to remember. Tom Allen is happy that his sons Andreas and Alex, and even grandson Vincent had some success in the Allen family legacy. I'm sure that family nights are filled with those stories of past accomplishments and all. Much like many others."

Tom Allen; 2-Time ARC Champion
(-8 )(-6)

"Now finally, I would like to get personal with this last pioneer of ARC as, this person was what made me drive in ARCSOA today. That person, was never liked because really, with his background up in the Northern US. He was labeled at first as 'The Yankee's Shortstick'. With the number 43 and the colors of STP. JF Finguy was really a problem for the drivers of the dominantly Southern ARC. When he started the season of Tom's second and last championship, JF began to tear up the racing scene. The Michigan native finally captured one of his first wins at Road Atlanta, now a resident stop in ARCSOA's current schedule. But it was one season importantly that actually made the fans begin to change their feelings in the core audience, and some if not the most of the ARC paddock. His championship run. Coming into the finale one fateful hot night, JF, Tom, and Fordale all were separated by 2 points a piece from Dewitt and Allen, 10 from Finguy. An underdog story unfolded as on the last few laps of the race, JF was on a tear coming through the field as both Tom and Dewitt begin to falter. In one move that made the fans love him, JF took a dive in the grass passing both a battling Dewitt and Tom, passing them and later on the final lap, the lead to win him the race and the championship, 'For the North'. Both Dewitt and Tom congratulated him on his maiden, and only championship,As well as the fans. But, with bloodlines so thick. We'll see what the future has for me but... History has it's way of forming."

JF Finguy; -4 ARC Season Champion

"Let this be a lesson for you. ARCSOA wouldn't be like it is without guys like Dewitt, Tom, and my father. The new generation might not have been until guys like previously said and stated in the textbooks of The History of ARC will be forever known. I for once, think after the ARC-RSOA merger think that things will go higher from here. But for now, the ghosts of the past will 'haunt' those of the future..."

*/Finguy turns off the light on the desk lamp. Returning him to the blurry figure he was and the room turns dark.

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