Sandfer Dominates "The Rock" But Finishes Poorly

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Sandfer Dominates "The Rock" But Finishes Poorly Empty Sandfer Dominates "The Rock" But Finishes Poorly

Post by FUEL on February 7th 2017, 7:32 pm

Charles Sandfer has 15 wins in his career. A remarkable number of wins to a driver in the series. Sandfer is a long time veteran and has been around for awhile. Winning races in the series has been a normal thing for Sandfer. Charles Sandfer isn't known as the most dominate driver but he is quiet and always a contender. At The Rock this past weekend he showed he still had it, with age Sandfer still shows experience can play a huge roll in these races. Saving his stuff all run to have something late in the run. Sandfer led most the race all race, leading the most laps. Only to finish outside the Top 20 in the race, a caution came out late and got shuffled on the restart hitting the wall and finishing poorly.

Sandfer's performance last year didn't meet expectations from Yamp Motorsports and was let go after being with them for two years. Sandfer had won many races early in 2015 however after being busted by a penalty at Indy for the car being strictly illegal he hasn't visited victory lane again. In a couple months it'll be 2 years for Sandfer since his last win. It's definitely unusual for a driver like Sandfer to go that long since winning a race however after last week's performance I would say Sandfer is determined to get a win for the first time in nearly 2 years.

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