Checkered Flag Autosports: Another Manu Change For S23

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Checkered Flag Autosports: Another Manu Change For S23 Empty Checkered Flag Autosports: Another Manu Change For S23

Post by MrKyleCollins on February 10th 2017, 9:56 pm

Pericles Gave Me Permission To Post This

Checkered Flag Autsports has been around since S21. They've done horrendous, especially this season with them needing to qualify their way into races. This season they currently have Ehtisham Phadkar, Jay Stella, and Skyla Johnson wheeling their entries.

This is only their second season in the OES. But they've switched manufactures twice. In S21 they used hand-me-down Ford Mustangs and this season they're using Renault's. Their one goal has been to find that one manufacture that brings them from barely making races to at least steadily mkaing races. In S23 they're hoping to do that with their recent announcement of switching manufactures again.

In S23 Checkered Flag Autosports will be switching to Lamborghini's to run. Currently the developmental models are running in this seasons A700, with one qualifying fifth. They were developed, modeled, and designed by the one and only Harvey Senslative. Who's also now working his way up in the ranks of the Checkered Flag Autosports HQ.

They hope this is a change for the better going into S23. They still don't expect to be championship contenders, nor do they expect to make a drastic performance change like Team NOPEA Finland (talk about a once in a lifetime thing). But they hope changing to Lamborghini will have them qualifying for races on a regular basis.

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