Nothing was ever given to Jeffery Lynn

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Nothing was ever given to Jeffery Lynn Empty Nothing was ever given to Jeffery Lynn

Post by FUEL on February 18th 2017, 4:14 pm

Season 2
Jeffery Lynn had made it to the big stage, he got called up by the Dream Team to run the #72 Krispy Kreme car. The team wasn't quite the dream team... The team failed to qualify for multiple races and eventually went bankrupt ending Lynn's run in the Cup Series at the time. However late in the season Richerd Johnson was force to sit out of Bare Field, the Season 1 champ recommended the young rookie to drive his car. Lynn drove the car and finished mid pack. Johnson's call to want him to drive for him led to Greg Brown resigning him for Season 4, having him on the sidelines in Season 3.

Season 3
Season 3 rolled around and Lynn was just a regular crew guy for Greg Brown's team and then tragedy struck the sport... Samuel Mills had gotten killed in a wreck at Indy. Hayden Kline had gotten into him causing the crash. Brown the owner at the team had very vulgar comments about Mills and it led to the officials suspending Brown from racing and being at the track for 5 races in Season 3. Jeffery Lynn again was thrust into the spotlight and this was his chance. Lynn ended up winning in one of those 5 races. Jeffery Lynn won Bristol and Greg Brown so impressed with the young driver it seemed as though the connection between the two would never be broken.

Season 4
Season 4 saw a lot of lows but did see some highs. Lynn had a few good runs but Season 4 Lynn seen the garage more than the checkered flag on most occasions. Delphi wanted to pull from the team and Greg Brown sadly had to let go of his driver. However that didn't stop Lynn in the Season Finale for showing his worth. Starting dead last and winning the race.

Season 5
Season 5 rolled around and nobody wanted to hire the most recent race winner. Lynn found a ride with Bill Davis Racing and Lynn saw struggles in qualifying for races and eventually late in the season was let go. Noah Hart picked him up for a one race deal at Washington D.C. for the season finale.

Season 6
Season 6 Lynn was thrust back into a competitive ride, seeing chances of wins right in his eye sights. Lynn ended up pairing up with underdog owner Shaun Gallighan to a win at Fonda for the season's only dirt track race.

Season 7-10
Season 7 through 10 was a tough era for Jeffery Lynn. Shaun Gallighan shut down his race team and Lynn was without a ride. Nobody wanted to give the driver a chance. Over the seasons Lynn struggled to fight his way back into the series. A lot had to do with no sponsorship and teams not willing to give him the chance. Lynn worked on Noah Hart's team as a crew member as he tried to find his way back into the series.

Season 11
Lynn had finally got the call to race in the Cup Series again. Young up and comer driver Daniel Day took his turn at owning a team and Day picked up Lynn to drive the #4 Kodak car. Kodak was willing to sign Jeffery for a one season deal. Lynn struggled through the year only seeing the Top 20 7 times.

Season 12
Due to Lynn's run in Season 11, the team shut down and Lynn was left without a ride and was left without a ride. Lynn moved back to FUEL Brothers Racing as a team manager for Ezekiel Proctor's #93 Toyota for the season.

Season 13
Lynn's efforts with FUEL Brothers Racing eventually led to him getting a ride for FUEL Brothers Racing, however it was a one season deal Noah Hart paid back Lynn a ride for his hard effort with the team. Lynn had no sponsorship for the team and saw the top 10 only a couple of times.

Season 14-15
Season 14 came around and without sponsorship FUEL Brothers Racing could not afford another season to fund Lynn on the track. Lynn went back to being a regular crew member for FBR.

Season 16
Jeffery Lynn finally got back on track with sponsorship. Mace Enterprises had called him up to drive the #5 Kellogg's Chevy. Nick Mace cut a deal with Lynn and Kellogg's for a one season deal. Lynn failed to make the chase and failed to find victory lane in one of the best cars on the grid.

Season 17
Mace Enterprises downsized to a 2 car team due to the new car at the time leaving Lynn on the outside however Lynn was able to find a ride! Richerd Johnson the driver who gave Jeffery Lynn his big break in his rookie year to give him some spotlight in the earlier seasons that he lost over time... Lynn nearly won the Daytona 500 but the rest of the season looked bleak for Lynn as he finished the year out in the 18th position in the final standings and was not able to find victory lane.

Season 18
After not meeting expectations Jeffery Lynn was left out without a ride and sponsors were not willing to get behind him. Lynn drove the hauler for Pollard Racing for Season 18 looking for any jobs in the sport to keep his name in the action.

Season 19 (2015 Season)
Jeffery Lynn got the call to drive for Allen Family Racing Team's #45 Dodge, Lynn grabbed the pole for the Daytona 500 and looked good however after DNQ'ing Rockingham and crashing out of Las Vegas, Dodge Dealers wanted another driver forcing the hand for AFRT to drop Lynn. However Lynn, looked and looked all around for a ride desperately wanting to race Monster Energy Racing picked him up to race the #4 Monster Energy car at New York for a one race deal. A few races later Horizon Group picked up Jeffery Lynn even though no sponsors were willing to sponsor him. Lynn raced half the year with HorizonGroup with no sponsor. Lynn finished 42nd in points with 24 starts and 2 top 10 finishes.

Season 20 (2016 Season)
You would think it's time for Lynn to get dropped from a team from not having sponsorship? Nope, HorizonGroup still gave Lynn a chance to race for another season. Green Tea sponsored Jeffery Lynn for 2016. Lynn with limited sponsorship came out swinging for HorizonGroup. Lynn nearly won at Las Vegas twice, and was competitive through out the season. Jeffery Lynn finally earned a victory for the first time in 14 seasons with HorizonGroup. Earning a career high of 10 top 10 finishes during the year and finishing 18th in the final standings.

Season 21 (2017 Season)
Lynn got the call to drive for Mace Enterprises again and Jeffery Lynn had to make the choice to stay with HorizonGroup or join back up with Mace Enterprises, Lynn made the call to join up with Mace Enterprises. After last years effort it seems as though Lynn is working his way back up to the top and just after 3 races, 2 of which Lynn was battling for the win in the final laps. It seems as though Jeffery Lynn is one of the top drivers of the series at the moment that you have to look out for every weekend.

Lynn has had a tough ride to get to where he is now.

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Nothing was ever given to Jeffery Lynn Empty Re: Nothing was ever given to Jeffery Lynn

Post by FitzwaterAustralia59 on February 19th 2017, 10:20 am

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