Blue Flare Motorsports announces Indy 250 one-off entrants

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Blue Flare Motorsports announces Indy 250 one-off entrants Empty Blue Flare Motorsports announces Indy 250 one-off entrants

Post by MrKyleCollins on March 6th 2017, 6:09 pm

The Indy 500 is coming quickly, and as it's a one-off race Johnson Freeman and the BFM mechanics have been working hard preparing one-off rides that'll be run there. Today in a press conference Freeman announced the one-off cars that will be ran for BFM. His choices surprised people, but most of their fans reasoned that it was a good executive decision for him to choose these drivers.

His first choice was the most surprising. Everybody knows Johnson likes his retired veterans when it comes to one-offs. Kenny Myatt, himself, Kyle Shock Sr, and some may consider Sean Perkins to be one. So naturally he wanted a retired veteran. Everyone expected himself to be his choice. But, the #81 will be driven by Marien Schalrotte. She hasn't been retired long, and has 1 career victory. Freeman said he doesn't know if she'll be back racing at all after S22 and if she doesn't he wants her to go out on a top team as the two have been friends for a while.

The second choice wasn't nearly as surprising. Since S2 of the BFM Developmental Camp one of the drivers Freeman has had a lot of attention on is the Isreali protege Tayil Wallach. At only 15 years old he did amazing at the camp, even topping the record BFM Camp time that Arttu Nikula set at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park a year earlier. If in the right equipment it could've potentially been one of the best laps there ever. Freeman has been grooming Wallach to be his next big thing and wanted to give Wallach a shot in OES top equipment so Wallach will be driving the #72.

The third driver, some might not even know him. He currently drives for Richard Baxter. Blaze McKinney. This young gun hasn't even qualified his way into a race before, so some people thought it was crazy of Freeman to bring him aboard for a one-off. But Johnson said his son told him McKinney showed potential in late model races when he went so Freeman decided to take the chance on Blaze. This could make or break McKinney's career as he'll be in the #91 and a few races ago at the A700 Myatt drove that there and ran up front till it gave out.

The decisions are basically final, and BFM looks to do well at Indy. Hoping all 6 of the cars they're bringing will qualify.

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Blue Flare Motorsports announces Indy 250 one-off entrants Empty Re: Blue Flare Motorsports announces Indy 250 one-off entrants

Post by Hsuorttocs on March 6th 2017, 6:13 pm


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Blue Flare Motorsports announces Indy 250 one-off entrants Srg10
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