D.J. Kurtis: "This win really means a lot to me."

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D.J. Kurtis: "This win really means a lot to me." Empty D.J. Kurtis: "This win really means a lot to me."

Post by FUEL on March 8th 2017, 1:09 am

D.J. Kurtis last weekend was the definition of "Never Give Up" he ran Top 3 all race and kept himself right in the fight all day. While Perkins and Fitzwater looked to be the better car, Kurtis hung right in with them. After Fitzwater's engine failure, Perkins pulled the gap on Kurtis and it looked as though the Buckeye Bullet was gonna grab another road course win to his resume and bring Blue Flare Motorsports' their first ever win in the Sony Cup Series.

D.J. Kurtis drove hard every lap to try and catch Perkins but it didn't look like it was gonna happen until a miracle happened. Sean Perkins made contact with a lap car and spun off the course handing the lead to D.J. Kurtis. Kurtis who had ran solid all race would do what he had been doing the entire race for the final 13 laps. Run solid enough to where Perkins couldn't have a chance at him. Kurtis came home with the win overseas in the Philippines and got to celebrate infront of a complete diverse group of race fans.

We spoke with Kurtis after the race said, "Throughout the race, I honestly felt that I wouldn't have caught Perkins, our car was pretty good for race trim thanks to the Cybertron crew, but not as good as the 81's. He was pulling some fast laps while I just remained in the top 3 with Fitzwater until he blew up while Perkins pulled away. It really is a shame though, he was by far the dominant car. However, this win really means a lot to me though, in which we actually wrapped it up for once, I'm sure many race fans got excited to see me win, or just watching the racing all around.. I don't really consider myself a big name of some sort, but merely just a driver that races for the fun of it. I've had some bad luck in these first few race but that's just part of the sport and life itself. I've made some mistakes and have caught a ton of bad breaks, but what comes down must come up."

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