Qualifying Procedures for Springfield

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Qualifying Procedures for Springfield Empty Qualifying Procedures for Springfield

Post by FUEL on March 14th 2017, 12:48 am

For Round 7 of Springfield we will be doing something similar to the DAYTONA 500, Top 35 will be excluded from this race. Meaning nobody is technically locked into the race. It's an all out brawl to race your way into the main event by heat races. Going back to the roots of racing with having heat races leading up to the main event, the heat races will determine the qualifying order for the round.

We have 54 entries to make the race, the most since the DAYTONA 500 earlier this year. The heat races will be split up into 5 groups. Top 7 in the heat races will race their way into the race, the higher you finish the higher up you'll start in the race. This will set 1st-35th starting positions. We will have a race called the Last Chance Qualifier, where all the drivers that didn't race their way into the race will battle each other to be inside the Top 3 at the end of the heat race to qualify 36th-38th in the main event. Those who still fail to qualify into the race through that can rely on owner points to qualify into the race and start 39th-41st. The final starting spot will go to the most recent past champion who needs it, if the past champion provisional is not used the 42nd starting spot goes to the next guy to get in off points.

- Heat 1-5 (10 Laps) *11 cars in every race, Top 7 makes the event*
- Last Chance Qualifier (15 Laps) *20 cars in the race, Top 3 makes the event*
- No "Top 35 Rule" this weekend

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Qualifying Procedures for Springfield Empty Re: Qualifying Procedures for Springfield

Post by FitzwaterAustralia59 on March 14th 2017, 9:38 am

Oh boy
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