*Breaking News* OES Season 21 Champion Nick Pericles Calling Out Haley

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*Breaking News* OES Season 21 Champion Nick Pericles Calling Out Haley Empty *Breaking News* OES Season 21 Champion Nick Pericles Calling Out Haley

Post by RedViperGaming on March 19th 2017, 5:25 pm

The OES Season 21 Champion was not so happy with the bone headed decisions of Mr. Haley.

*Warning Explicit Language used*

"Not only were the Fans in terrible weather, they stayed in terrible weather for sh*t racing. The cars weren't even stable, wrecking almost on every damn motherf*cking corner on the damn track. I'm apalled by this idiot making these types of calls. I'm disgusted that OES Officials actually went and carried out the even like it was f*cking sunny as hell. News flash, It was thundering! Why should we risk the drivers and the fans for a race that wasn't even well carried out? I'm tired of Mr.Haley and I'm asking you to resign. To step down and let someone else with brains take the damn job because you're just not suited for it. Me and my teammate, Mr.Griffin, have had our conflicts and he is going to be leaving Silverspeed at the end of the season. Although, I completely agree with him and If Haley doesn't step down. I will walk off and stand with my teammate. This is Bullsh*t. And I request Pushanda to Remove Haley himself. The decisions he has made following the round of Ohio has not only made me concerned for the fate of drivers and teams around the paddock, but for the fans who put themselves at risk to watch a sh*t show. With that said, I will be boycotting along with Griffin if Haley isn't removed."

As stated by Griffin, Pericles does not know who else will boycott along with the two SilverSpeed drivers. If it even comes to that.

"A Perfect World is Never Perfect only filled with lies."

Nick Pericles
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SCS Wins: 3 - Latest : 2015  Round 29 Of New York
AES Wins: 8
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