Jeffery Lynn: "I felt like I showed I belong."

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Jeffery Lynn: "I felt like I showed I belong." Empty Jeffery Lynn: "I felt like I showed I belong."

Post by FUEL on March 21st 2017, 9:41 pm

Coming into victory lane after Springfield came the #25 Budweiser Chevy. The crew was elated, what a comeback story from this race team. The team looked on the verge to joining the #24 and #48 car in the garage with the #25 car going dead on the track. The crew chief chose to swap the batteries in hopes that was the only reason the volts were dropping on the car. The car maintained power after a quick pitstop, to even get 2 laps back is remarkable but to win it?? You can feel the emotion.

*Jeffery Lynn hops out of the car as the crowd roars and the team showers him in Budweiser*

Reporter: Jeffery Lynn you ran well all race but when you had problems near the mid part of the race did you ever think for a second you'd be sitting here in victory lane?

Jeffery Lynn: No not really. When I regained a lap back I felt confident we could maybe finish on the lead lap but that caution couldn't of came at a better time. I just passed Fitzwater out there when the caution came out and that shows you can never give up, you always have to give it your all if you want to succeed in racing. I was surprised with how everything just fell into my lap but I knew when it was only me and him I was going to win.

Reporter: You jumped to 4th in the points nearly a race behind the point leader. What does this win mean to you and to grab your 5th career victory and join the 26 other list of legends of the sport to accomplish that mile stone of victories?

Jeffery Lynn: This win means a lot. I felt like I showed I belong. Mace Enterprises took a big chance in hiring me and had faith I could get the job done and I felt like I not only proved my team but my competitors I can win. When you're racing for a top tier team like this the pressure is on to perform and I know I can handle it. This win has lifted my hopes of being in the contention for the championship, I know we can do it, I just want to say thanks to Nick Mace and EVERYONE at the shop that put so much time into this week. It paid off so proud of everyone!!

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