World Stock Car Championship CEO Plans to Increase Car count for Season 2

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World Stock Car Championship CEO Plans to Increase Car count for Season 2 Empty World Stock Car Championship CEO Plans to Increase Car count for Season 2

Post by NRacer96 on March 22nd 2017, 1:59 am

WSCC CEO Alan Anderson had announced that he has plans to increase the car count for season 2. The last two races at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park and Watkins Glen proved that if there was a big crash early in the race, we would see only 14 or less cars competing for the win. The heavy rains during the Round of Canada made getting on pit road very difficult, resulting many drivers crashing into the end of the pit wall. Only 16 cars finished that race.The Round Of New York was the result of drivers getting too aggressive with each other and thinking they could drive into the corners like a open wheel car. 20 cars finished the race. Alan said that he will  allow part time drivers and teams to race for 5 races of their choice to see if they would like to compete full time in WSCC next season. Each team will only get 5 races. Once their 5 races is up, they will let the series officials know if they are coming back full time next year.

"We thought that capping the field at 30 cars would make the racing cleaner."said Alan" However, the races at CMTP and Waktins Glen proved us very wrong. The Round Of Canada was the result of heavy rains making life difficult or the drivers, So it was inevitable that we would see a lot of retirements. The Round Of New York on the other hand was due to the drivers themselves. I understand that drivers will race hard for positions they can get, but what i saw at Watkins Glen was ridiculous. I thought that we was going to see only 10 cars finish at the rate they were wrecking. Nobody wants to see a big wreck that takes out half of the field very early in the race. It sucks for the fans who would watch 14 or less cars race, especially if half the remaining cars are heavily damaged. My plan is to increase the car count next season to at least 39. That way if a big crash does happens, it wont be 15 cars remaining on lap 7. I'll start by allowing part time teams and drivers to enter 5 races of their choice. Once they reach their 5 race limit, they will decide if they want to race full time in season 2 or not."

Alan did hint that he would allow current teams to add in a 3rd car next season, but stated that it would limit the number of new teams coming into WSCC

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