James Silverfox Speaks About Early 2017 Success

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James Silverfox Speaks About Early 2017 Success Empty James Silverfox Speaks About Early 2017 Success

Post by FUEL on March 23rd 2017, 2:25 pm

James Silverfox currently holds the longest consecutive race start streak of any driver in the field. Silverfox joined the series in Season 5 and has raced in every SCS event ever since. Silverfox is well liked driver with the fans and the drivers. Often not afraid to speak his opinions to the media or to other drivers, Silverfox holds a lot of respect from many in the garage area and races very clean with his competitors. This is Silverfox's 17th season in the series and still going strong. He has 2 wins coming at two of the series most prestigious events, the Daytona 500 and Darlington. I think it's all safe to say Silverfox is one of the greatest this sport has ever seen with a total of 13 career wins and all his wins being at the series crown jewel races. Silverfox has done about anything you can ever want to accomplish but win a championship. Silverfox has been a title contender much throughout the years, Season 6 being the closest he's came. The past 2 years for YAMP Motorsports he's been right in the hunt but just not good enough to challenge come finale time. This year after 7 races Silverfox has 2 wins already and sits 5th in points. We talked with Silverfox earlier this evening about how 2017 has been...

James Silverfox: "It's hard to say this early on if we will be contenders or not. We've shown we are capable of success but I don't want to make any bold predictions just yet. It would certainly be the best season of my career if we could pull off a championship. Honestly at this point I'm racing for my team instead of myself. Seeing my guys so happy in victory lane after the 500 is what makes this so fun to do. This season would definitely make me happy to win a championship for an awesome group of guys."

*when asked about what it's like to be sort of a leader for Yamp Motorsports*

James Silverfox: "I'll never get used to being considered a veteran but over the years you learn new things from other drivers who are or were in my position. While I typically am a person who prefers to work alone, I know the value in sharing information with my teammates. I always tell my YAMP teammates, "Don't be afraid to ask questions or advice, the best drivers are the ones who make the extra effort to make themselves and their cars good".

We asked Silverfox what his opinions were on the latest racers of the series using the "R" word and on his plans for 2018.

James Silverfox: I think there are many different reasons why drivers are leaving besides age. As for me, YAMP Motorsports and I have a good deal at the moment. I won't be the guy to disclose all of the info, but I can say YAMP wants to keep me for a long while it seems."

James Silverfox will be making his 310th start in the series at Dover this weekend.

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James Silverfox Speaks About Early 2017 Success Empty Re: James Silverfox Speaks About Early 2017 Success

Post by FitzwaterAustralia59 on March 23rd 2017, 2:40 pm

Silverfox tbh needed this run to start this season
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