Shepherd Takes Action After St. Pierre

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Shepherd Takes Action After St. Pierre Empty Shepherd Takes Action After St. Pierre

Post by BugattiNightRide on April 29th 2017, 8:30 pm

During Round 18 of the Sunoco Elite Series, lots of controversy took place between the championship. This including the incidents between Paul Jackson and Aidan Shepherd. Earlier in the race, Paul Jackson was going to hold up Aidan Shepherd. Jackson braked early in the corner, resulting in Shepherd getting in the back of Jackson. Jackson was mad because of the incident, so when he saw Shepherd coming close later in the race, he wrecked Shepherd in the same corner. Shepherd kept 2nd, but the incident made him have heavy handling problems. Because of this, he would spin out in the S's. Shepherd would fall from 2nd to 6th. After the race, Shepherd got out of his car near Paul Jackson's pit stall, where Jackson's car was parked. Shepherd's pit crew then started to rush to the pit box. Shepherd and Jackson would then exchange words. Shepherd would be calling Paul Jackson an idiotic driver with no talent, while Jackson still had his helmet on, calling Shepherd a childish freak. After Shepherd slammed Paul's car with his helmet, hell broke loose. The crew of Jackson topped on Shepherd, as Shepherd's pit crew fought back. Shepherd would have a cut on the lip, while Paul would have lost a tooth. The officials would end the fight, as they threatened the teams a points penalty. This rivalry may continue. As the season comes to a close, the tempers have fired up, and nobody is willing to back off an inch.
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