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Sunoco Elite Series: Season 2 Schedule

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Sunoco Elite Series: Season 2 Schedule Empty Sunoco Elite Series: Season 2 Schedule

Post by KleverProductions on May 22nd 2017, 2:05 pm

Season 2 is closing in fast, and the schedule has finally been released!

Season 2:
Round 1 @ Toddring
Previous Winner: Aidan Shepherd
Returning here again after the great finish between reigning champion James Constantin, teammate Jimmy Bakula III, and race winner and championship finalist Aidan Shepherd, we hope this time will be just as action-packed.

Round 2 @ Lime Rock Park
Previous Winner: Adam Vincent
Not much to say, except that last season, this race was decided by pit strategy.

Round 3 @ Pikes-Peak
Previous Winner: N/A
Brand new track on the schedule, stewards hoping for good action

Round 4 @ Portland
Previous Winner: Philip Scott
This track has moved from Round 6 to Round 4 this season, and was a good race all around last season!

Round 5 @ Las Vegas
Previous Winner: Nick Pericles
What can I say, the first double points race last season went EXCEPTIONALLY well, and now it returns, exactly the same.

Round 6 @ Old Spice
Previous Winner: Nick Pericles
Switching with Portland, last season this race went well, and deserves this spot!

Round 7 @ Grand Detour
Previous Winner: Tommy Turbo
The first short track on the schedule. Last season, Tommy Turbo came through in spectacular fashion for Team Flame Racing and turned their season back around!

Round 8 @ Road America
Previous Winner: James Constantin
This race was the turning point for James Constantin's season and this win lead up to his championship!

Round 9 @ Diamond Ridge
Previous Winner: Philip Scott
The second SuperSpeedway on the schedule, was exciting last season, but officials are having concerns about safety, so this track may only be temporary.

Round 10 @ Sonoma
Previous Winner: Scott Roush
This race was CHAOS last season and the officials are toning down the cars for this season for this track.

Round 11 @ Michigan
Previous Winner: Roman Rehall
Yep, we put the track this late to accomidate for the re-pave, it may switch back next season.

Round 12 @ Talladega
Previous Winner: Aidan Shepherd
After last seasons scary incident between Tyler Avery and Gerrard Oran, they considered taking it off the schedule, but they will tone it down like Sonoma and keep it up!

Round 13 @ Mid-Ohio [The Sunoco Royale]
Previous Winners:
Main Event 1: Treck Tauger
Main Event 2: William Duncan
Overall: Chris Dodd
This race was intense from the Heats to the Main Events, with Chris Dodd going 5th and 5th, pulling an amazing feat. This track will return to the same rules under a new name, The Sunoco Royale!

Round 14 @ Kansas
Previous Winner: Alexander Rowe
Was a great race last season, with some action near the end, but it ended with Rowe coming out on top!

Round 15 @ Homestead
Previous Winner: James Constantin
This track has always been one of my personal favorites, and it will finish out the American races for the season!

Round 16 @ Calder Park
Previous Winner: Eric Monaco
This race was another exciting one, and a great race to start out the international races, and it gave Eric Monaco his first career win!

Round 17 @ Carmen Park
Our first ever trip to Germany

Round 18 @ Saint-Pierre
Previous Winner: Philip Scott
This was a fun race front to back last season, but when Philip Scott got the lead he did late race, nobody could catch him.

Round 19 @ Autodrome De Paris
Previous Winner: Lorenz Alog
Lorenz Alog finally got redemption that day for what happened at Lime Rock Park, and used lap traffic to pass Philip Scott and take his 1st career win!

Round 20 @ Yas Marina [Yas Finale]
Previous Winner: James Constantin
|Champion Crowned Here|
This is where it all gets put on the line, one last chance to grab the championship from the points leader. Good Luck.

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Sunoco Elite Series: Season 2 Schedule Empty Re: Sunoco Elite Series: Season 2 Schedule

Post by FitzwaterAustralia59 on May 22nd 2017, 11:19 pm

Calder Park is Fitzwater Australia Racing's Home Nation Race as well as my Home Nation race too
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