Scott Roush will drive for BFM @ Daytona

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Scott Roush will drive for BFM @ Daytona Empty Scott Roush will drive for BFM @ Daytona

Post by Hsuorttocs on June 15th 2017, 8:56 pm

After hopping in to 3 different teams' cars in just half of a season Scott Roush will add a fourth team with BFM in their development car (the #96). Scott Roush is "Extremely hyped about the opportunity" and he hopes he can bring the car home in one piece at Daytona. Roush has not been in a wreck the whole season and has a 22nd place finish at Texas World in his last minute entry, in his own #90 car. Roush was supposed to drive full time with ARROW this season but was dumped due to the lack of races made compared to Pericles (Even though Roush is a rookie). Roush said "It is hard having 4 different spotters and crew chiefs because I have to get used to the way one gives information and then adjust to the next." Roush hopes he can do something with this 96 at Daytona.

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Scott Roush will drive for BFM @ Daytona Srg10
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