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Post by LukeMartin6 on June 20th 2017, 6:59 pm

After only one season in the Hardee's National Seires, Martin Motorsports is deciding to shut down their HNS teams of the #6 and #12 cars. Martin Motorsports will put full focus into the SCS for the 2018 season as they try to capture the championship that has eluded them for so long. 2017 will be the first and last season that Martin Motorsports will compete in the Hardee's National Series.

In other news, with Luke Martin retiring after the 2017 SCS season and becoming a full time owner of Martin Motorsports, another Martin will be coming into the SCS as a free agent. Luke Martin stepped down for multiple reasons, to own the team he loves, to work with the drivers he loves, and to watch the son he loves race in the big leagues. In 2018, Luke Martin's son, TJ Martin will be looking for a ride in the SCS. He will not drive for his fathers team as there are no cars available for him to drive. He will be looking for rides wherever he can get it. TJ will not be one of those sons of a former legend racer that gets everything given to him. He will work from the bottom up to follow in his fathers footsteps, with his father along side him all the way for advice and help. Welcome TJ Martin to the SCS everyone. You'll be seeing a lot of this young man.
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