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Silly Season expected to get real silly Empty Silly Season expected to get real silly

Post by FUEL on July 6th 2017, 2:29 pm

We are now in July. 6 months down, 6 more months until the 2017 year is done. We are also done with 18 races and only have 18 races left! We are officially half way and things are heating up in the championship battle as some contenders see their chances of a championship becoming a reality for 2017, while some are looking to regroup and get things back on track and some drivers are looking at Silly Season as the turning point in their career looking for better things in 2018. Silly Season is when drivers and teams officially sign for rides and sponsors in the following year.

As of now Silly Season will be during the first week of August. A scheduled date is unsure at the moment. A lot of teams see this as a chance to better their organizations and form up line ups that will better their team next year. Some drivers in the Cup and National Series see this as an opportunity to seek out other teams that might be willing to pick them up.

With FUEL Brothers Racing closing down at the end of the year, 5 drivers will be without a ride heading into 2018, (Charles Sandfer, Alan Cavagnaro, Sean Harple, Nick Samon and Garrett Sydnor) one of those drivers leads the points in the Hardee's National Series looking to bust his way into the Cup level. Where will these 5 drivers end up at?

Mace Enterprises as of now only has 2 spots filled for the Cup level, Jeffery Lynn has yet to be resigned and that leaves the question if Mace Enterprises is going to resign him. With Demax retiring who will replace him? There's been talk that his son Eric Demax could be the driver however Mace has stated he is looking into all drivers.

Martin Motorsports had a big leak of information come from their camp a few weeks back that Aaron Taylor will be leaving the racing world and stepping down from his ride at the end of the year. This leaves people to believe Luis Hernandez and Bobby Jones could be the drivers to fill the gap of the team's 4th car. Martin Motorsports has yet to release any info on the matter with their drivers. Only time will tell in August who gets the ride.

Fisher Motorsports and FUEL Brothers Racing recently announced their partnership moving forward to next year with FBR closing at the end of the year, FBR will be selling everything of their team's equipment and bringing over FBR team members. Maalik Nevins announced earlier in the year he is retiring at the end of the year, if Fisher Motorsports chooses to not expand in cars the team has an open slot, many rumors speculate that a possible current FBR driver could land there. Nothing is sure at the moment.

Athenian Motorsports is up in the air on their plans for 2018. With their current team owner stepping down, the keys to the shop is solely up in the air. Athenian Motorsports has been rumored to possibly shut down, be sold off to another team or get picked up by someone else to run operations normally... their entire lineup of Levi Pascoe, Eric Burton, Charlie Smith, Jake Smith and PJ Williams are unsure of their future with the team.

Cyberton Motorsports, another team just like Athenian is up in the air as rumored to possibly shut down at the end of the year. Team owner James Silverfox has said earlier in the year the thought of shutting the team down and no longer owning a team is a possiblity however the team is having one of it's best years. CBM leads the points with D.J. Kurtis leading the championship. The team will announce it's plans by the end of the month.

ARC Racing is currently having one of its worse seasons ever recorded. Mason Gordon led the team in most starts made this year with 4 races and that was the first 4 races when he was locked in off owner points. ARC Racing's last start this year was at Chicagoland with Bradley Bishop Jr. and is rumored to be close to bankrupt. They only have 1 car showing up to the races now with Nick Pericles behind the wheel. ARC Racing has announced they will be shutting the team down at the end of the year and selling all cars to Kurtis Racing, an HNS team looking to fill the gap of the raceteam.

Turner Fenway Racing recently announced Jake Baskinger will return in 2018. The iconic duo of Jesse Turner and Jake Baskinger returning again, they sit 2nd and 3rd in the standings. Carson Scott is still up in the air on if he'll get resigned or not. Luke Martin is leaving at the end of the year so Turner Fenway Racing will need to fill a spot by Silly Season, Caleb Hoffman and James Richardson the HNS drivers are rumored to take the seat however, theirs many drivers looking for a chance. TFR has yet to say anything on the matter.

YAMP Motorsports has said if they can, they'd love to bring James Silverfox back for another season as he is the only driver on the team competing for their first ever SCS championship. Silverfox has yet to sign back on with the team, Jacob Hart will be retiring at the end of the year so the team will also be searching for a driver at the end of the season. YAMP Motorsports also wants their leading ROTY candidate Dajon Weeks to return. Silverfox and Weeks have yet to sign back on with the team.

Allen Family Racing Team recently went back to victory lane for the 5th time in their team's history. All of those wins coming with Ryan Acosta who signed on with the team for next year. Andreas Allen the team owner is scheduled to return in 2018 as an owner-driver looking to turn his luck around. Allen has said he has thoughts on dropping to a 2 car team, if so, Commons would be left out without a ride. Even if the team stays at 3 cars, Commons has been rumored to get released at the end of the year.

HorizonGroup went from having Dillon Young bring the team to 2nd in the main season standings last year to having their best car be 22nd in points just past halfway this year. HorizonGroup is looking to regroup their team and get back to a winning team and ultimately fighting for a championship. HorizonGroup's last win came last year from Matthew Rodriguez who announced earlier this year he isn't returning to the team in 2018. The team says they have a driver ready to replace Rodriguez however, HorizonGroup's plans on having William Brock and Dillon Young return hasn't been mentioned.

Red Bull Racing will not be Red Bull Racing starting in 2018. Due to sponsorship problems, similar to what Coorweiser Racing went through, Red Bull Racing will turn into Hero Motorsports. Jake Baskinger the team owner plans on revamping the team in 2018. Sponsors, numbers and drivers for the team is unsure of at the time. Zachary Fitzwater and Steven Jenkins might be left without a ride if Baskinger doesn't reach out for them to resign before August.

Blue Flare Motorsports had one of their best drivers leave the team near the mid part of the season. Sean Perkins retiring during the season left Bradley Bishop Jr. to return to a high quality ride. Whether he returns full time in 2018 solely is on team owner Kyle Collins who plans to return as an owner driver for the team. The team plans on having a partnership with Red Stallion Racing in 2018 as well. The driver for that team will be settled during Silly Season due to Treck Tauger retiring at the end of the season.

Finguy-Psytomi Motorsports is having it's best year with being partnered with Allen Family Racing Team. Jeffery Finguy the owner-driver sits 13th in points. The highest he's been in recent memory. Matt Daleo replacing James Shelly 10 races into the season has brought the team it's best finish in the 62 car this season (13th), Daleo's status with FPM at the end of the is unknown at the time. FPM plans on keeping the alliance with AFRT going into 2018.

CM Racing owner Chris Dodd has said he's interested in driving for another team while owning CM Racing. CM Racing is looking to move up to a 2 car program. Stephen Pollard III is rumored to be one of the drivers after nearly giving CM Racing it's first ever lap led at Cleveland and giving them a great Top 10 finish.

SUMS Racing is planning on shutting down the race team and moving to the HNS after 2018. Hayden Kline will be out of a ride with SUMS heading into next year and will be looking for a team to pick him up.

Wake Motorsports is looking to return in 2018 as a full time team, William Duncan will be picking up the team in 2018 and try and bring the team up higher up the ranks. Zaedin Davidson currently drives but is not officially on the line up for 2018. Davidson is a free agent for 2018 at the moment.

Cloud9 Racing after losing multiple sponsors and drivers. Cloud9 Racing's future with the SCS is up in the air at the moment. This team is rumored to shut down before the end of the year if unable to qualify for races.

Crayola Racing will be shutting down at the end of the year.

Mosh Racing's plans for 2018 are unknown at the moment. They are rumored to be moving shutting down at the end of the year as well.

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Silly Season expected to get real silly Empty Re: Silly Season expected to get real silly

Post by MrKyleBusch1 on July 7th 2017, 10:19 pm

We are announcing that we will not be signing Steven Jenkins for the 2018 season. Zachary Fitzwater is still up in the air and these upcoming weeks will tell us if Fitzwater is coming back or not. Washington DC, Kansas, and Atlanta will truly tell if he deserves the ride or not but not completely as Fitzwater has had a lot of bad luck this season not out of his own making. These three races will tell for his future. As of right now, we are currently looking at Garrett Sydnor, Nick Samon, Levi Pascoe, Zach Rodriquez and Dillon Young as possible replacements. Currently our numbers for our cars will be 18 and 54 for Cup and 11 and 19 for HNS. We of course have TRD as a sponsor for 2018 but we are still searching but time will tell.

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Post by Finnish909 on July 7th 2017, 10:43 pm

Rumors are out in Finguy-Psytomi that they have a few drivers to keep an eye out on. Matt Daleo might not return to the car unless he can crack 37th in points. In the rumor mill drivers like Nick Pericles and Scott Roush are rumored. James Shelly a likely return unless another team takes him. Anything driver wise is in the air.
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Post by CJ Racing on July 8th 2017, 10:58 am

CM Racing Silly Season Rumors:
Dodd Stays Quiet on Driving Departure Rumor; If He Goes, Who Will Fill His Ride???

One of the biggest rumors in the CM Racing camp as of recently has been their Owner/Driver Chris Dodd rumoring that he is interested in driving elsewhere in 2018. While Dodd recently has stayed quiet on the matter, saying that he is "working hard to continue the positive growth that CM Racing has found in 2017", however Dodd has also mentioned that he believes that; "There many times where I wonder if I as a driver would be better off racing on another team, and as an Owner I wonder if there wouldn't be as much pressure on myself if there was someone else driving my car.”

Now, if this rumor becomes true, the big question becomes, who will take his spot in 2018? While there has been no officially rumored drivers as of yet, there has been some talk that CM Racing could be looking at a variety of drivers, including Zaedin Davidson, Adian Shepherd, Nick Pericles, and Scott Roush, as well as HNS drivers like Matt Daleo, Bradley Bishop Jr, Carlie McDowell, and Scott McCann. They might also wait for Silly Season to play out a bit, in case they can pick up a "high value" driver that could get left out to dry during this Silly Season process.

SP3 to the #3 in 2018???
Another rumor that has popped up as of recently is Stephen Pollard III being a favorite to drive for CM Racing in 2018, stemming from his "resurgence" after selling off Pollard Racing and joining CM Racing 1/3 of the way through the season. Since then, he has 2 of CM Racing's 3 Top 20 finishes this season, including nearly leading the team's 1st lap at Cleveland, and running inside the Top 10 all day.

Another interesting rumor is that if things work out during the singing process, that Pollard might end up driving the #3 in 2018. At 48 years old, SP3 could be the experienced veteran presence that CM Racing needs to take them to the next level.

A New Number, Sponsors for 2018???
And finally, something that has been rumored is the strong possibility that a new number will be used for CM Racing in 2018. There are some questions on what that number will be, however it is rumored that it could be another single digit number.

Also, with Ale81 and RockStar Energy leaving the team at the end of the season, there have been some sponsors rumored that could be with CM Racing for 2018. While there are has been no sponsors officially in play as of yet, an anonymous inside source said to "Expect a a bigger effort for 2018 when it comes to sponsors", and that "a few of these sponsors could be ones that people know of from the past."

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Silly Season expected to get real silly Empty Re: Silly Season expected to get real silly

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