Nick Mace thinking about retiring at the end of 2017

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Nick Mace thinking about retiring at the end of 2017 Empty Nick Mace thinking about retiring at the end of 2017

Post by FUEL on July 10th 2017, 11:27 am

Despite Nick Mace's 2 wins this season, Mace is having one of his worst seasons. Nick Mace in his in entire career has only finished outside the Top 10 in points 2 times, those being in Season 1 and 3. Mace is known as the most dominant driver on the circuit in the past 21 seasons with 28 wins and a championship to his name but in 2017 in the 21st season of the SCS, he's down 14th in the standings, only 20 points outside the Top 10 but a mind blowing 164 points back to point leader D.J. Kurtis with half the season being completed, it's almost a fact at this point Nick Mace will not be a title contender in 2017. Nick Mace had this to say after Canadian Tire, "Road courses have always been the races where I could always make up ground on everyone but this year our cars just haven't been able to handle them. We got wrecked by guys that are over aggressive today. Our team just doesn't have the speed I can't tell if it's the car or the driver. We had a good run for a few races gathering some wins but we haven't shown our true worth like we have in seasons past. Maybe it's just me, maybe I need to get out of the car and let somebody else drive it."

Nick Mace wasn't wrong about his statement on the road courses, his best finish on a road course this season has been in the Philippines when he finished 19th, that was the only race he finished while he finished in the garage area with a DNF in the other 3 races.

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