PWCOM Team Power Rankings After Round 1 @ Tokyo

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PWCOM Team Power Rankings After Round 1 @ Tokyo Empty PWCOM Team Power Rankings After Round 1 @ Tokyo

Post by CJ Racing on July 11th 2017, 11:21 pm

Simon Fairchild: "Round 1 is in the books, and as expected we saw some big movers and shakers in the Power Rankings, with some teams impressing while others looking a half step behind. Crimson Engineering looks to be the class of the field so far, however VanquishTech's Arthur Löwenherz was able to take the lead in the latter going of the race and held off a surprising charge from Arvidsson Luclad Racing's Seppo Näre."

Biggest Mover:
+5; ALR, Seppo Näre & Adam Vincent
Biggest Loser:
-4; LWR, Sebastian Maynard & Max Anderson

After every race, we will have a ranking of where the PWCOM teams stand, not so much on the actual points standings as much as just what we feel like is their overall performance during each race.

Don't agree with our list? Let us -- and the rest of the world -- know in the comments section below. But remember, make your mama proud.

Note: This rd.(+/-Last rd.)

PWCOM Team Power Rankings After Round 1
1.(+2) Crimson Engineering
Tanet Aromdee & Nathan McKane

2.(0) SkyTech Racing
Erzhan Zhumabekov & Lucia Delacroix

3.(+1) VanquishTech
Arthur Löwenherz & Tayil Wallach

4.(+3)Benziger Autosports
Ryder Smith & Cicarelli Barakated

5.(-4) Longfellow & Whitehouse Racing
Sebastian Maynard & Max Anderson

6.(0) Flying Aces Racing
Audra Baranauskas & Takumi Hirano

7.(+1) Lethinen Racing Finland
Zachary Fitzwater & Nicolas Lothaire-Irvine

8.(-3)Windhelm Motorworks
Austin Stonewall & Stanton Thaber

9.(+5) Arvidsson Luclad Racing
Seppo Näre & Adam Vincent

10.(+1) Fitzwater Team Australia
David Lublin & Murilo Sousa Cardoso

11.(-2) PETRONAS Honda
Johann Arndt & Rena Hirose

12.(-2) Seibasport
Ziki Marley & Joshua Hyatt

13.(-1)Balor's Curse Engineering
Kitsune Hashimoto & Lafter Stucole

14.(-1) Kurtis Racing
Troy Holt & Moshe Gurion

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CJ Racing
CJ Racing
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PWCOM Team Power Rankings After Round 1 @ Tokyo Empty Re: PWCOM Team Power Rankings After Round 1 @ Tokyo

Post by johnnyracer24 on July 11th 2017, 11:27 pm

Being constant FTW!

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