Charles Sandfer shines a light on drivers looking to find victory lane once more

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Charles Sandfer shines a light on drivers looking to find victory lane once more Empty Charles Sandfer shines a light on drivers looking to find victory lane once more

Post by FUEL on July 12th 2017, 2:40 pm

Charles Sandfer is one of many drivers who has been to victory lane on more than one occasion that has been fighting desperately to win a race again. After losing his crew chief due to a massive oversized engine in Indy of 2015, Sandfer went on a winless streak for 76 races! After his last win he only finished inside the Top 10 in 17 of those other 76 races and only 9 top 10s since the 2016 Season!

Charles Sandfer has multiple wins in his career but so does guys like Eric Burton who's been with teams capable of winning but has struggled to find victory lane. It's now been 58 races since Eric Burton's last win at Willow Springs in 2015! Andreas Allen is one with 10+ wins in his career just like Sandfer and Burton but he hasn't won since Season 11 in Canada, Allen has only finished in the Top 10, 4 times in the past 55 races! Dom Caps is starting his 140th race since his last win this coming weekend at Kansas. Why is it so hard for our old veterans to find victory lane? Dillon Young and Skye Commons also haven't given up hope that one day they will get back into victory lane and it's been 239 races since Young's last win and 327 races since Commons' last win!

Maybe this is the season for comebacks. Baskinger and Sandfer are two drivers that have broken the barrier of winless streaks and found their way back in victory lane. A lot of critics are out there that think some of these drivers are washed up and won't find their way back to victory lane but that's not stopping these drivers for fighting and trying to earn their way back into the winner circle, something they use to do so often.

Drivers who haven't won in over a season now...

Matthew Rodriguez (37 Races Ago)
Levi Pascoe (47 Races Ago)
Zachary Fitzwater (51 Races Ago)
Eric Burton (58 Races Ago)
Nick Pericles (62 Races Ago)
Maalik Nevins (92 Races Ago)
Alan Cavagnaro (93 Races Ago)
Stephen Pollard III (95 Races Ago)
James Shelly (100 Races Ago)
Matt Daleo (104 Races Ago)
Kyle Collins (118 Races Ago)
Jeffery Finguy (128 Races Ago)
Dom Caps (139 Races Ago)
Treck Tauger (180 Races Ago)
Andreas Allen (206 Races Ago)
Dillon Young (239 Races Ago)
Hayden Kline (265 Races Ago)
Skye Commons (327 Races Ago)

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