Wake Motorsports Buyout Confirmed

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Wake Motorsports Buyout Confirmed Empty Wake Motorsports Buyout Confirmed

Post by RocketKnight on July 13th 2017, 5:48 pm

Rumors have been circulating that SCS team Wake Motorsports was going to be sold off. Today, that rumor has been confirmed, as Ex-SCS driver William Duncan announced today that he has bought Wake Motorsports and will be running it under the tentative name of Maverick GP.

As far as their cars are concerned, Duncan said he will not try to add any new cars, and will instead build upon the #21 team. Sponsors have not been mentioned at this time, while Duncan has expressed interest in retaining current driver Zaedin Davidson.

More info to come in the future...

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Wake Motorsports Buyout Confirmed O4ZJhQP

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