Jeff James to join forces with Mace Enterprises

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Jeff James to join forces with Mace Enterprises Empty Jeff James to join forces with Mace Enterprises

Post by FUEL on July 19th 2017, 12:03 am

After some big news in the media last night about Jeff James stepping away from Martin Motorsports at the end of 2017 after scoring 8 wins, a Daytona 500 win and fighting for championships in the past 3 years, it's no doubt the Martin Motorsports/Jeff James duo was one of the best in the past few years but Jeff James looked to have had it all mapped out in his head and some news leaked last night on the direction of where Jeff James was wanting to go. After a reporter asked some owners in the business on their opinion on getting Jeff James, Nick Mace the owner of Mace Enterprises chimmed in on one interview to hush all skeptics that he and Jeff James have a plan to work together in 2017.

Jeff James will be starting up his own team in 2017 called Jeff James Inc. Mace Enterprises for the first time in history will actually be reaching out to a fellow team in helping them succeed on the race track. Mace Enterprises will be pulling JJI in under their wing and help give James the equipment he would have if he drove for Mace Enterprises.

Nick Mace said, "I already have a plan I'm wanting to do for next year and this opportunity in teaming up with one of the best in the series was just too hard to pass up on. Me and Jeff will need to settle on some things in laying out the team and getting everything prepared and ready so the team is just as ready to take to the tracks as we are next year."

It is uncertain at this point how many cars JJI will be fielding for 2018 but it's a big talk across the SCS Universe right now.

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