Jeffery Lynn: "I just want to win."

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Jeffery Lynn: "I just want to win." Empty Jeffery Lynn: "I just want to win."

Post by FUEL on July 19th 2017, 12:54 am

Jeffery Lynn after leading many laps at Kansas found himself getting shuffled back just past half way in the race. Lynn came home in the 12th position after a leading 27 of the race's 94 laps.

Jeffery Lynn: "It's very disappointing to not finish Top 10 after having a run like that. We had a great run going just after the final pit stop and we just didn't have the speed. I just want to win man that's all I want. After this week and being told I won't have a ride at Mace (Enterprises) next season it's made me want to win more than ever. I've tried to extend my contract with the team but I guess winning a race for them and sitting in the Top 10 in points isn't enough for them. It's okay though because next year I have no doubt whatever team I sign with will give me cars good enough where I can drive them into victory circle. We will push forward and try and win Mace Enterprises some more races and a championship this year."

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