Nick Mace set to make 400th career start

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Nick Mace set to make 400th career start Empty Nick Mace set to make 400th career start

Post by FUEL on July 19th 2017, 10:41 pm

Nick Mace is one of the drivers this sport saw back in the day fresh on the scene in Season 1, with the Sony Brand looking to make a racing series national across the country bringing in big name drivers from local tracks across the country. Nick Mace was a hot named driver from Minnesota racing through his teenage years he won in nearly every race he started in. With Sony looking for drivers to join their series starting up in hopes of making it a big sport, the entire racing community up in Minnesota recommended Mace to the series and was later picked up by one of the owners in the series to drive.

Mace was too young to drive in their stock cars at the age of 17 for the Daytona 500 and Rockingham in the first season but bursting on the scene after his birthday turning 18, Mace jumped in the car and won on debut. Not only won his first race but won back to back races from Las Vegas and Atlanta! The series was bursting with popularity with different personalities from paid drivers across the globe joining in to see who was the best and the Minnesotan never looked back after that making his home state proud gathering a championship and 28 wins! The series is different now since then but Mace will return to Atlanta a track he has had much success at over the years for his 400th career start! Mace leads in most career starts in the series at the age of 39, the next driver behind Mace in the career starts list is Luke Martin with 384 starts.

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