Walkure Enterprises to buy out Auricom Engineering

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Walkure Enterprises to buy out Auricom Engineering  Empty Walkure Enterprises to buy out Auricom Engineering

Post by Rovenami on December 22nd 2015, 12:08 am

After the controversial Round of Arkansas, team owner Gideon Oldfield had a fallout with several members of the team, including the drivers of the team and representatives of it's sponsorship partners. When recent documents detailing financial irregularities were released, which suggested that they were being funded through backhanders of an unspecified crime syndicate since Season 18, Auricom fell under. Hans Steinrich, the former owner of Walkure Enterprises, has bought out what is left of the old Auricom facility. Rather than bringing back John Martinage and Jose Antonio Martini, Steinrich has opted to bring in Austrian AES veteran Treck Tauger and former Auricom British test driver Tanya Jackwater. John Martinage will return to working at Gibson's Speedy Lube with old colleague Chris Gibson, and Jose Antonio Martini has plans on running open-wheel racing. Most of the sponsors that left Auricom Engineering has migrated to the newly-reformed Walkure Enterprises except for Smash Burge who, after discovering said financial irregularities of the Auricom stable, pulled sponsorship altogether.

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