Luis Hernandez signs with Kurtis Racing for 2018

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Luis Hernandez signs with Kurtis Racing for 2018 Empty Luis Hernandez signs with Kurtis Racing for 2018

Post by DKurtis on August 6th 2017, 10:09 pm

Luis Hernandez, currently the driver of the #12 Heinz Ford Mustang for Martin Motorsports, has signed on with Kurtis Racing for the SCS for 2018. With Martin's team shutting down their HNS program in terms of focusing on their SCS program, it left Hernandez without a ride. Soon enough, the Kurtis brothers signed Hernandez to the #4 Chevy and will be a teammate to Dylan Schwallenberg.

"We've seen his statistics for the Hardee's National Series, and like Dylan Schwallenberg, he is a consistent driver that is also cool-headed and may give good insight on how the car might handle. We believe he'll be an asset for the team and will be solid for 2018 in achieving a goal of getting at least a top 20." Co-owner Joseph Kurtis explained.

"I am fully aware of the situation Luis was in when I heard about Martin shutting their HNS program down, it's a shame, because if it didn't shut down, he could've been in the catbird seat for their team, but it wasn't meant to be. However, me and Joseph agreed on hiring him to see how well he can perform in a cup car, but it would take some time. You can't be good off the bat, but you never know, youngsters can adapt pretty quickly." Co-owner D.J. Kurtis said.

With 2 upcoming stars going to the Sony Cup Series, you might see Schwallenberg and Hernandez to get some solid results in hopes of winning Rookie of the Year.

"Life can be complicated, but it's an inevitable fate." -D.J. Kurtis

2 time Sony Cup Series Champion, a HNS Champion (as an owner), and President of the Hardee's National Series

Owner of Kurtis Racing for the HNS (#14, #4), SCS, (#8, #4), and KR Honda for ARCSOA (#9, #48).

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