Two Drivers Win at Kentucky!

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Two Drivers Win at Kentucky! Empty Two Drivers Win at Kentucky!

Post by nhood53 on August 12th 2017, 5:30 pm

After the rather interesting Josh Trainor Consolation Race was won by Josh Trainor, the main event drivers ran a different package hoping for better racing. And this package sure did not disappoint. We were given lots of lead changes, great battling throughout the field... everything you would want from a race. Except the lapped cars. Penalties were given to Scott Roush, Charles Sandfer, and Christian Merrick Sr. and a suspension handed to Charlie Jackson for various instances throughout the race where he violated rules basing from the Code of Conduct, Section 6 "Lapped car antics." Many series that are very close canon to us have changed to a 3 strike rule, and even if we had been under those rules, Jackson would have been penalized for having all 3 strikes and then some. One such strike against Charlie happened as the two leaders neared the white flag. Charlie got ran over from behind by Christian Merrick Jr (2 laps down) and came down into leader Rob Mooney. This wreck took out Merrick and Jackson and set up the green white checkered finish between Hood, Mooney, Sampson, Mark Jones, Nathan Hood, and the 127 car. Hood led on the restart with 2 to go and led until the final corner, when Patterson made a move on Hood. Hood and Mooney tied at the line for the lead and win, making it the first time in NMGAR history that TWO people have won the same race at the same time.

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Nathan Hood

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