Round 24 of Pocono

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Round 24 of Pocono Empty Round 24 of Pocono

Post by nhood53 on August 21st 2017, 7:20 pm

Very clean race with no cautions... (This was a re-run, because I felt that the first would be unfair to the winner and Shepperd)
1. Luca Icks
2. Jeff Bright
3. Scott Roush
4. Jarvi Lethinen
5. Roman Rehall
6. Jake Moss
7. Aidan Shepherd
8. Charles Sandfer
9. nathan Hood
10. Joh Bunnell
12. Deb Bunnell
26. Zach Shepperd

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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