It Starts With a Dream: The Story of How the GAMRA Came to Life

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It Starts With a Dream: The Story of How the GAMRA Came to Life Empty It Starts With a Dream: The Story of How the GAMRA Came to Life

Post by CJ Racing on August 22nd 2017, 12:01 am

It Starts With a Dream: The Story of How the GAMRA Came to Life
Ol' Joe Franklin had 3 “loves” in his life: First, a love for his family, including his wife Rebekah and their 3 sons(Matthew, Ryan, and Joe Jr.). Second, a love for music, especially music from the 50's-60's. But third, and maybe most of all, he had a love for racing. From the mid 50's to the early 70's, Ol' Joe raced throughout the Southern USA, from Greenville-Pickens to Martinsville to New Smyrna.

But no track was more special to him then the Augusta International Raceway, a ½ mile dirt oval inside a multi-use motorsports facility that was around from 1960-1970. In those years Joe won a myriad of races and Championships in a variety of different cars, becoming known as the “King of Augusta”. When the track closed in 1970, and the times began to change in racing, Ol' Joe moved on, but with a promise that one day, he would once again find that love of old.

In early 2017, Ol' Joe was seeing his final days pass away. At 86 years old, Joe had lived a long life. His wife Rebekah sadly had passed away 8 years prior, and his hearing wasn't very good. But that love of racing of old was still deep inside his heart, and on his deathbed he made his children promise that they would bring that love back one day. A few weeks later Ol' Joe passed away, and his 3 children, now men in their late 30's themselves, went their separate ways. Matthew had his own business to attend to, and Joe Jr. wasn't much a race fan.

But Ryan Franklin had that love and passion for racing, cemented in him from the time he was a young boy. He vowed that he would follow his Dad's wishes, and a few short months later, the GAMRA was born. Ryan's long-time friend Brett Deval was the Owner of a large car manufacturing company, and with some help, decided to use one of his manufacturing plants to build replicas of some of the cars of old, as Ryan promised his Dad he would. Ryan called some tracks, scheduled some races, and put a season together. He decided to start off small, just 10-12 races, mostly at tracks in the Southeast region of the USA, much like Ol' Joe would have done back in his day. Ol' Joe Franklin's dream was becoming a reality, all that was left was to find drivers and teams who would be interested in bringing that dream forth…

The GAMRA(Grand American Motor Racing Association) is a series founded by Ryan Franklin, son of Augusta International Raceway legend “Ol'” Joe Franklin, in Mid-2017. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the GAMRA will start in tracks throughout mostly the Southeast USA, beginning with cars that replicate those driven in the mid-1960's. The goal is to showcase racing's growth through the years, from it's humble beginnings, and going through the years to the newest and greatest cars and tracks in racing today.

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