New System to be put in place for S9

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New System to be put in place for S9 Empty New System to be put in place for S9

Post by nhood53 on September 2nd 2017, 4:00 pm

As you may know, the current NMGAR CTRS roster for Season 9 has 54 drivers on it, however they can only allow 42 cars to make the race. We had a similar situation in Season 5, in which we had 76 cars fighting for 42 spots. IN Season 5, we implemented a points-based system, in which the top 35 in points were locked into the main and the other 41 had to battle among themselves for the final 7 spots. IN this season, the way that drivers are going to be separated is by a charter system. All former winners from previous seasons are granted charters, and those that do not have a win in a former season will be open teams, and can have an option to take any of the 32 charters left open. The list of chartered and open teams will be updated in the Signups thread.

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