Season 8 Track Plans into S9

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Season 8 Track Plans into S9 Empty Season 8 Track Plans into S9

Post by nhood53 on September 22nd 2017, 9:38 pm

The Atlanta Motor Speedway has signed a multi-million dollar contract with the NMGAR to hold the prestigious NMGAR 800 for a third time. Track officials stated that the 800 last season provided the best race they had seen from Atlanta in a long time, with various leaders, lead changes more consistently, and the one-offs were able to rise to the top and nearly steal the show (just ask Raj Umpenkalen.) They have also stated that they would like a second date on the schedule.

This change will likely replace the Thornton date that was set to occur Round 29 next season and will definitely be two great races to watch.

Kentucky is set to keep its dates as season opener and Chase intensifier. Those exact locations on the schedule are TBA, but the track is back.

Bristol has dropped its date on the schedule after examining its past in the CTRS. The only driver that ever won it and continued to the next season was Joey Lombardi!

Daytona was considered to get its season opener spot back, but it will still be a very early race in the season. It will only be 400 miles, however.

Auto Club is keeping its spots on the schedule. They said that their open grooves made way for more different winners, and the NMGAR is not passing that opportunity up.

Bridgehampton is not returning. Its debut was pretty much a disaster.
Pukekohe, similarly, is not returning.

Sonoma is getting its date kept on the schedule, hoping for more great racing action like it has given every other season.

Thornton is banned from the CTRS NMGAR, however it is not banned from the DDS.

Watkins Glen is the track of opportunity. It showed that for Christian Merrick Jr. and Brenna Carmichael last season, and the track is keeping its date/

Castle Gorge is not returning.

Dover is getting its finale spot back after Black Hills Backroads took it this season.

Charlotte, surprisingly, won't return to the series next season. It says next season will be a "trial run" with the DDS to check out if the track will be race-safe after major off-season renovations.

Homestead will keep a date, one which went down in history this season as the first family 1-2 in NMGAR history.

Talladega will keep its trademark race, the one which started out the NMGAR on OH Network coverage in Season 6.

Zen Joltis will return, but its date is unknown

349 will return as the lone Canadian race on the schedule.

Eurospeedway has kept its spot but it is moved to the regular season finale.

New Hampshire will not return due to track repairs.

Ohio will not return due to track repairs.

Pocono will keep its date, but it may be a wreckfest due to the new pavement.

Nurburgring will be run in the rain again as a Chase intensifier.

Carbondale will lose its spot to Chicagoland.

Darlington will hang on to a date in the playoffs.

Indianapolis is unsure of its CTRS future past S8.

Coke will continue to be a Chase fixture for the next 3 seasons.

Bahrain is keeping its spot as it is an international track.

Michigan will keep a Chase race and will pick up a vacated spot.

Black Hills will determine its fate after the finale.

Nathan Hood

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