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Post by nhood53 on October 7th 2017, 7:07 pm

At California, one of the most important parts of the race was the unfolding championship battle to make the Round of 8. Unfortunately, this was not the top priority for Season 3 champion Sky Lukewalker. Sky, on lap 56, appeared to have ran into the corner and wiped out championship competitor Eli Bright. While this was not the only such incident in the race, it had a profound effect on the championship battle. The crash eliminated Eli from the Round of 13 and also prevented Scott Roush from advancing to the Round of 8 due to Deb Bunnell's prior crash on lap 19.

The eight drivers to advance include Aidan Shepherd, Heather Stucolé, Jake Moss, Brenna Carmichael, Charles Sandfer, Tommy Roberts, Nathan Hood, and Roman Rehall.

Eli Bright's team owner, Chase Landry, had a scuffle with Lukewalker post-race and at once stated, "How did you win the Season 3 title if you race like that Sky?"

Sky is facing a replaceable suspension for Round 33. Ashton Stryger will take over.

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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