Shining Moments for Each Driver This Year

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Shining Moments for Each Driver This Year Empty Shining Moments for Each Driver This Year

Post by nhood53 on October 14th 2017, 8:45 pm

02- Zachary Fitzwater Sr.- His myriad of bad luck may have put him as a driver that was not on much of anyone's radar this season, but he still pulled through to claim a top 10 run at both Michigan and Pocono late in the season.
06- Jarvi Lethinen- TBA- chase contender in Championship 5
1- S.O. Garrison- Garrison's shining moment came at Ohio, where he had a race winning car that got the most laps led points. However, it was also the race that got him suspended.
2- José Stic- His best moment was in the Round of Daytona. He played pit strategy perfectly to stay on the lead lap under a late race caution which led to an amazing wreck avoidance giving him a second place finish.
4- Lexi McFarland- Her near wins were very exciting. She nearly won Dover but got passed late by Scott Roush after leading the most laps. This girl has shown the talent to compete hard against the best and it was rewarded with her sole victory at Darlington last season.
6- Heather Stucolé- Her win at Dover did not surprise us, but what did was the run of consistent finishes that propelled her through the Chase. She won Darlington after stealing Kevin Anderson's lead at the end, then did the work to move herself into the Round of 8 in which she got eliminated.
9- Scott Roush- Roush's streak of consistency between rounds 18-26 got him into the Chase, with 4 wins in 8 races giving him the #1 seed. He lost it in Round of 13 after being eliminated.
10- PH Williams- Sure, this guy was not at all great. But he did win at Michigan on strategy.
11- Vince Freeze- He ran in his debut race and got crashed. Then next race came in and took a fourth place finish. Nice run there.
0- S. M. Christmas- She got put in the car at Indy to replace Rob Mooney then took ownership of the rides. She led multiple laps at Michigan and got 10th in her second start.
17- Joki Lethinen- Joki was one of the consistent contenders during the Pocono race. He led some laps and ultimately took home a 5th place.
20- Charlie Jackson- His season highlight was when he took out the field at Kentucky.
22- Jeff Bright- Though he has still never won a race, he took second at Pocono and led some of the ending run to Tommy Roberts's Bristol win.
23- Aidan Shepherd- TBA- Championship Round of 5
26- Jay Jianoran- His shocking win and surprising streak of top 10 finishes in the Chase have shocked the all of NMGAR. Did he even have enough speed on his own to make that move on Fitzy?
27- Jake Moss- While this season will go down as winless for Jake, he did come close a lot. He continued his nickname of consistency throughout the season, and it was enough to propel him through the Chase.
30- Sky Lukewalker- The guy that wrecked Eli Bright out of the Chase also did some good for himself by leading multiple laps at Nurburgring.
32- Tagahari Nawasaki- This nearly obscure Japanese driver hit his high point early on in the season with top 10 cars at Kentucky and Bristol. (Don't remember if he finished there at Bristol)
33- Ashton Stryger- When she replaced Sky Lukewalker at Michigan, she excelled and was there at the front all race long. She was essentially messed up by the caution.
34- Kevin Anderson- He won at Indy after he led the most laps. He also dominated Darlington but couldn't take the win.
38- Tommy Roberts- TBA
40- Dumindu- Dumindu also led a stage of racing at Ohio, but that is all that he really did all season.
41- Raj Umpenkalen- His debut was one of the most impressive rookie runs the series has ever seen. He passed Jarvi Lethinen ON SPEED ALONE!!!
42- Kyle Basaglia- He came on strong late in the season. He was a contender at both Michigan and Pocono and led early laps at Talladega. He also led laps on debut.
43- Cicoria Satska- The fact that this Croatian driver even got 2 top 10s in a part time schedule is amazing. His rookie debut at Daytona put him inside the top 10 but was involved in the big wreck.
43- Maddie Hightower- She made no headlines. Except her retirement and winning a speed heat at Kentucky.
43- Bubba Martin- A very impressive rookie who also has 2 top 10s to name and got a top 12 in Maddie Hightower's car.
44- Travis Scott- Yet again, someone who had a strong run at Dover. Could have found himself in the Chase had Roush not spoiled the party.
46- Eli Bright- His win at Ohio is by far the most shining moment for him this season.
48- John Bunnell- He first made storylines when he battled his mother Deb for the win at Homestead. Then he did it again during the Chase by having a top 10 closest finish moment with Lafter Stucolé for the win at Talladega.
49- Christian Merrick Jr.- He first made headlines with his win at California over Lexi McFarland, but then did it again at Watkins Glen by leading the most laps and finishing 4th after Sandfer made the pass.
50- Sally Hunter- His major shining moment was a second place finish to Eli Bright at Ohio. That's the story of Sally's entire career. Just can't find that win.
53- Nathan Hood- His 3 wins at Carbondale, Charlotte, and Kentucky got him into the Chase.
57- HG Kendall- She won outside pole for the Daytona 500.
58- Ike Gonzalez- He got a near-win at Carbondale after getting crashed late. He seemed to come alive during the Chase after a season of dormancy.
60- Luca Icks- Got two wins at Castle Gorge and Pocono, but got eliminated round 1.
61- Tripontakio Vernio- Tripey claimed pole at Kentucky for the second consecutive season. He did well in that race, getting a top 10 for his efforts.
62- DePlant- Ge got replaced early in the season, so we never really met his full potential. He did crash a lot in practice for Nurburgring if that speaks for his ability.
70- Charles Sandfer- He had a good run of races early on but faded. He mainly excels on road courses claiming 3 wins.
78- Deb Bunnell- Claimed 2 wins and one of which was the first mother son top 2.
79- Lafter Stucolé- Won a race at Talladega in narrow fashion late in the season.
80- Zach Shepperd- After his injury, we were surprised to see that he still had the potential to win shown by his victory at Pocono.
90- Brenna Carmichael- TBA
96- Benoit Lothaire-Irvine- Won at Talladega and 349, then went on to be an early exit in the Chase.
97- Roman Rehall- TBA
99- Gideon Giegers- He came on late in the season claiming his first 2 career wins in 3 weeks following a strong second place at Nurburgring. He followed it up with a second at Michigan as well.

Nathan Hood

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