It's coming down to 3 drivers...

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It's coming down to 3 drivers... Empty It's coming down to 3 drivers...

Post by FUEL on October 18th 2017, 3:33 pm

In 2015, when the championship was decided off total points gathered all season long... It came down to 3 drivers of Jesse Turner, Nick Mace and Jake Baskinger for the title. This year we see a similar scenario. 3 drivers again are fighting for a championship but this time different faces.

D.J. Kurtis won the championship back in Season 13 after being in a must win situation and needing nearly every title contender to finish 20th of worse and guess what happened? The stars aligned and Kurtis pulled off the win and upset the championship and jumping from 89 back to the point lead to 1 point ahead in just one race to steal the title. Ever since then Kurtis has never led the championship until this season. He's always been a Top 10 driver in points consistently but this year he's been on a roll. Winning 5 races and gathering 18 top 10s... He's got a big point lead currently and is looking like the favorite to take home his 2nd championship and join the likes of Richard Johnson, Jacob Hart and Jordan Davis as the only drivers to win 2 championships.

Dom Caps is another name in the fight and his story is worth mentioning. Caps has not won a race all year long but sits 30 points behind in the championship. He has 17 top 10s despite not winning a race this year but what catches the eye of many from him is that last year he was missing races and in underfunded teams. He has not won a race since Season 16 and his career went downhill. Many wondered if he lost his touch. Caps finished last year 36th in points and without a ride to even finish the last 3 races. Dom Caps found his way when Martin Motorsports gave him the chance and he has proved that he still has it. He has an outstanding amount of Top 10s of 17 this year and is looking to make a come back like no other. He won the Season 6 Championship which was 15 seasons ago... He's the old guy in this line up but he's looking to write history of his own in a great comeback story he's had this year.

Jeff James since joining Martin Motorsports has accumulated 10 wins with them in only 3 seasons! He's contended for championships with them every single season since 2015. He's just not been solid enough to be there at the finale with a good enough shot to take home the championship. Jeff James sees himself 50 points back and needs to make up a bit of points in the next couple of races if he wants to be realistically in a shot to take home the title in 2017!

There you have it, who do you think is going to end up taking home the 2017 Championship? These 3 are looking to take home all the glory in just 5 more races from now...

Top 3 in the Championship Currently

1. #19 D.J. Kurtis
2. #12 Dom Caps -31
3. #15 Jeff James -49

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It's coming down to 3 drivers... Empty Re: It's coming down to 3 drivers...

Post by f1fan on October 18th 2017, 9:57 pm

Kurtis is the most deserving... IMO

Kenny Myatt:
It's coming down to 3 drivers... Kenny_11

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It's coming down to 3 drivers... Maddie11

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It's coming down to 3 drivers... Maddie10

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It's coming down to 3 drivers... Sean_p10

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