WSCC Reveals Season 3 Car.

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WSCC Reveals Season 3 Car. Empty WSCC Reveals Season 3 Car.

Post by NRacer96 on October 26th 2017, 7:24 pm

After the first Practice session concluded for the Round Of France, WSCC has decided to unveil the new car that will be in use starting in Season 3.While the new car looks more like a Touring car and less like a stock car due to its boxier shape, the new car has some new safety features to help reduce the forces on a driver during a driver side impact. WSCC also hopes that the new car will be cheaper to maintain and allows newer teams to compete in WSCC in the future.

WSCC Reveals Season 3 Car. NR2003_2017-10-26_15-44-07-26

WSCC Reveals Season 3 Car. Bobby_Jones

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WSCC Reveals Season 3 Car. Empty Re: WSCC Reveals Season 3 Car.

Post by UndyingLight on October 26th 2017, 8:28 pm

Riggs: Ah, it brings my heart pleasure to see this car type used again. I love driving these cars!

Riggs: I am glad executives are making cars safer, though. Smile
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