Fontana date swap imminent?

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Fontana date swap imminent?  Empty Fontana date swap imminent?

Post by f1fan on November 4th 2017, 12:57 pm

Fontana CEO's want American 700 date shift if race is going to take place during day. 

The American 700 promoters apparently we're none too happy about ARCSOA moving the start time up on them. The promoting group, Barkley promoting, the company that owns the rights to the American 700 feel that a 1PM start time in early July would be a recipe for disaster. 

Matt Barkley, Fontana track president stated, "Last season, the day of the American 700 saw a 95 degree high temperature, with a heat index of 104. I am concerned about the fans up in the stands, as well as the drivers in the cars, if we are starting the race at that time. I understand ARCSOA not getting the TV coverage they want at 2AM on the east coast. But, we have to worry about the fans in the stands as well. We have enough trouble as it is when the race starts at 7PM." 

Barkley basically stated, "If the race is held the 4th of July weekend, at 1PM, this is the last year Fontana is hosting the American 700. Another track in more reasonable climates can host it then for the 14th running." 

There is a tentative round of California placed on the schedule for April 15th, that could fill the spot for the American 700. There have also been talks that Road Atlanta, which is becoming a one off race, might switch with the American 700, putting the 700 miler in February. There is also a talk about the American 700 as being the finale race as well. 

The final rumor is that Daytona, doesn't want two major races on the same weekend. Right now, the ARC has their Daytona 500 scheduled the same weekend as the ARCSOA opener. Hence why ARCSOA has an 8PM start time on Saturday night. There is talk that ARCSOA could actually make the 700 the opening race of the season, and move Daytona to the fourth of July, which used to be occupied by the ARC. 

No matter what, I don't think ARCSOA wants Fontana to back out of the American 700. So, I think William Williams is held over a barrel here in order to succumb to the pressures of Fontana. Williams has said that if the race is held in the Western Time zone, it will be a day race.

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