Team Flame Racing will Return!

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Team Flame Racing will Return! Empty Team Flame Racing will Return!

Post by Hsuorttocs on December 30th 2017, 3:35 pm

Despite being late on the party, Alan Jobe (team owner of Team Flame Racing) has announced that Team Flame Racing will return to the grid with the numbers 26 and 28. This comes after they bought Joki Lethinen's PWCOM team, but they immediately put it up for sale and Subaru Racing Group swiped that. "We bought the team so we could sell it and get more money." Jobe explained "Now we have FPM's old equipment because we had enough to buy that." Alan Jobe later on talked about another key point. "We are in talks with Ford about having them help us with next season, the help that we direly needed from BMW, but right now, this is all FPM stuff." Tylor Thaber will be returning to Team Flame Racing in the #28 Albertson's Ford "He's a really special driver, I am just unsure if we did Tylor any justice last season, so we convinced him to join us again." Team Flame also picked up Vincent Allen for the #26 Exide Ford. "We really wanted another good, experienced driver to join us, and Vincent wanted to come to ARCSOA again after the American 700. So we talked and talked and we settled on a deal. Both of our drivers have great experience and, unlike year's past where we struggle to get sponsorship money, we actually are getting money for once. Things are really looking up for us at Team Flame Racing."

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Team Flame Racing will Return! Empty Re: Team Flame Racing will Return!

Post by RedViperGaming on December 30th 2017, 3:44 pm

Pericles: " Actually Glad that they're back and better. Also happy to hear Allen has returned as well!"

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