S2 PWCOM Test Session Results #1 @Tokyo

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S2 PWCOM Test Session Results #1 @Tokyo Empty S2 PWCOM Test Session Results #1 @Tokyo

Post by CJ Racing on January 10th 2018, 10:33 pm

As PWCOM gets ready to begin it's 2nd season, there will be a selection of tracks that will be tested in preparation for the season to begin. While the actual races will almost certainly be a different result then these test races, it could be a solid indicator of which teams are looking strong coming into this season, and which teams might have some work to do.

1st on the docket: Tokyo World Raceway, where the PWCOM season will begin!

NOTE: Unfortunately, as of this test session neither the Crimson Engineering or the Subaru Racing Group cars have been approved(aka not been painted yet), so they will not participate in this test session.

Test Session Notes:
Track: Tokyo World Raceway
Size: 1.5 Miles
Laps of Test Race: 84 laps/126 Miles(Actual Race will be 400 Kilometers/248.4 Miles approx).

Single-Car Test Results/"Mock Qualifying"
1: #14 Andreas Allen 27.622
2: #8 Johaan Arndt 27.635
3: #5 Lucia Delacroix 27.637
4: #4 Sebastian Maynard 27.681
5: #7 Erzhan Zhumabekov 27.715
6: #6 Rena Hirose 27.722
7: #9 Stanton Thaber 27.744
8: #3 Audra Baranauskas 27.754
9: #28 Cicarelli Barakated 27.901
10: #22 Alexander Rowe 27.906
11: #17 Joshua Hyatt 27.919
12: #16 Jackson Harrows 27.929
13: #13 Ryder Smith 27.929
14: #19 David Lublin 27.943
15: #27 Adam Vincent 27.947
16: #23 Takumi Hirano 27.950
17: #18 Paul Jackson 27.951
18: #24 Max Anderson 27.964
19: #15 Ziki Marley 27.972
20: #25 Lafter Stucole 27.998
21: #20 Murilo Sousa Cardoso 28.000
22: #10 Tibo Hasler 28.002
23: #21 Thiery Whetteneaux 28.041
24: #26 Patrik Holub 28.088
25: #29 William Karlsson Jr. 28.127
26: #30 Victor Vandame 28.143
Notes After Single-Car Qualifying:
There are a lot of big names up on the top of the charts in single-car qualifying, but maybe the biggest surprise is the name on the top of the board: Andreas Allen! While it is still unknown how he will do racing in a pack, at the very least he is showing that the clearly hasn't forgotten how to make that car go fast."

As for a disappointing driver, the only driver that really disappointed was Tibo Hasler. While it isn't a huge surprise considering he is a rookie, the fact that Windhelm Motorworks is one of the higher-tier teams, this is a bit of a disappointment.

Test Race, Laps 1-46:
As the test race went green, Andreas Allen would quickly lose the lead and fall to the back half of the Top 10. In the early part of the race, it was looking to be a battle between the VanquishTech and SkyTech Racing teams for the lead, particularly Johaan Arndt in the #8 and Lucia Delacroix in the #5.

A near caution would happen on lap 24 between the #3 of Audra Baranauskas and the #24 of Max Anderson. For whatever reason the #24 came down on the #3, putting them both in the fence, however not enough to cause a caution. They would both have pretty heavy damage though.

The battle between the VanquishTech and SkyTech Racing drivers would continue throughout this 1st part of the session, but when it came down to 5 laps to go it was nearly a free-for-all, with the Top 5 swapping positions almost every corner. But in the end, the #13 of Ryder Smith and the #4 of Sebastian Maynard would drive the bottom coming into turn 3, and with the slower lap car of Max Anderson holding up the drivers on the high side, they would end the first part of the test session 1-2.

Top 5 after 42/84 laps @Tokyo:

1. #13 Ryder Smith
2. #4 Sebastian Maynard
3. #9 Stanton Thaber
4. #5 Lucia Delacroix
5. #6 Rena Hirose
Pit stops would happen on this caution break, with the big gainer being the #20 of Murilo Sousa Cardoso, who went from 9th to 5th on pit road, while the biggest losers would be Johaan Arndt falling from 8th to 15th, and Andreas Allen who had a really slow stop and fell back to 23rd.

Top 5 after Pit Stops, 46/84 laps @Tokyo:
1. #13 Ryder Smith
2. #4 Sebastian Maynard
3. #9 Stanton Thaber
4. #18 Paul Jackson
5. #20 Murilo Sousa Cardoso
Test Race, Laps 47-74:

As they went back racing on lap 47, it was clear that the racing was seriously picking up(and Max Anderson nearly wrecked the field on the restart...). While most of the same names from the 1st part of the session were still up front, mainly Johaan Arndt and Lucia Delacroix, there were a couple of new names entering into the mix, particularly Takumi Hirano in the #23. Takumi showed some surprising speed during the 2nd half of the test session, even battling and taking the lead at points. But in all this battling, which included some 3-WIDE racing for the lead, there was a driver marching through the field, and with 15 laps to go put his car in the front... Andreas Allen! He got out in front and tried to pull away on lap 70, but that #5 of Johaan Arndt was doing his best to not be denied in this race, and would take the lead back with 10 laps to go!
Test Race, Last 10 Laps(75-84):
But on lap 75 with just 10 laps to go, a CAUTION would come out, between the #6 of Rena Hirose, the #9 of Stanton Thaber, and the #23 of Takumi Hirano. The #14 of Andreas Allen, the #19 of David Lublin, and the #22 of Alexander Rowe were among the drivers involved:

So it came down to it... 5 laps to go to decide who would cross the line first in the Test race! However, if a caution came out at any point after this, the race would end and they would race back to the caution.

Top 5 with 5 laps to go @Tokyo:
1. #8 Johaan Arndt
2. #4 Sebastian Maynard
3. #9 Stanton Thaber
4. #13 Ryder Smith
5. #5 Lucia Delacroix

Unfortunately for some of these drivers, a CAUTION would come out coming into turn 3, between the #26 of Patrik Holub and the #30 of Victor Vandame, with the #22 of Alexander Rowe getting some damage as well:

Which could create in essence a 1-lap dash to the finish line(full lap included):


Full Finishing Results:

S2 PWCOM Test Session Results #1 @Tokyo Finish10
1: #4 Sebastian Maynard 151.036
2: #8 Johaan Arndt -0.41
3: #9 Stanton Thaber -0.83
4: #5 Lucia Delacroix -1.24
5: #7 Erzhan Zhumabekov -1.65
6: #10 Tibo Hasler -2.07
7: #13 Ryder Smith -2.48
8: #14 Andreas Allen -2.90
9: #20 Murilo Sousa Cardoso -3.31
10: #18 Paul Jackson -3.72
11: #23 Takumi Hirano -4.14
12: #15 Ziki Marley -4.55
13: #17 Joshua Hyatt -4.97
14: #28 Cicarelli Barakated -5.39
15: #27 Adam Vincent -5.81
16: #25 Lafter Stucole -6.23
17: #16 Jackson Harrows -6.66
18: #21 Thiery Whetteneaux -7.53
19: #29 William Karlsson Jr. -7.96
20: #26 Patrik Holub -8.40
21: #22 Alexander Rowe -11.07
22: #3 Audra Baranauskas -1L
23: #24 Max Anderson -1L
24: #30 Victor Vandame -1L
25: #19 David Lublin -9L(DNF)
26: #6 Rena Hirose -9L(DNF)
"Awards of the Race":
Best Driver: Johaan Arndt, he was on a mission from the drop of the green flag, and besides on or two moments never fell outside of the Top 5.
Best Team: ViperTech, it was close between them and SkyTech Racing, but with Hirose getting into an incident, they get the nod.

Most Surprising Driver: Takumi Hirano, didn't finish the best, but he was battling for the lead on a brand new team, and would have probably finished Top 5 if he hadn't gotten in an incident.
Most Surprising Team: Benziger Autosports, while it isn't a major surprised that they finished well, the fact that they were probably the 3rd best team almost the entire race was pretty impressive.

Most Disappointing Driver: Audra Baranasukas, she fell back early, got involved in a wreck and never recovered.
Most Disappointing Team: Kurtis Racing, they were never in contention the entire race, and really never got in the Top 10.

Chris Dodd:
2018 SCS: Driver of the #15 Oreo's Ford for Martin Motorsports
Wins: None(Yet Smile ...)
DNF's: Too Many
Amount of Fun: Priceless

Memorable Moments:
1st Daytona 500 win(as an owner); PNOCS S2 Daytona 500!! (As a Driver); 2-Time Daytona 500 Winner
S1 Duraflame National Racing Series CHAMP, S2 Hershey's Cup Series CHAMP, S3 DASCAR Martini Endurance Series CHAMP!

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CJ Racing
CJ Racing
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S2 PWCOM Test Session Results #1 @Tokyo Empty Re: S2 PWCOM Test Session Results #1 @Tokyo

Post by UndyingLight on January 11th 2018, 12:56 am

Whetteneaux: "Oh, that's new. I have not even yet tried to attest my abilities out on this damn track and in a test race, damaged! What is this."

Whetteneaux: "I am not used to these vehicles, but I don't care. I'll probably make a ruckus out there!"

Harrows: "I had a decent race...me car was pretty slow, but I am only just now getting used to this type of racing...I sure hope I can do well for my team."

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S2 PWCOM Test Session Results #1 @Tokyo Empty Re: S2 PWCOM Test Session Results #1 @Tokyo

Post by FitzwaterAustralia59 on January 11th 2018, 9:36 pm

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S2 PWCOM Test Session Results #1 @Tokyo Empty Re: S2 PWCOM Test Session Results #1 @Tokyo

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