Cloud9 Racing to attempt DAYTONA 500 with Matt Daleo

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Cloud9 Racing to attempt DAYTONA 500 with Matt Daleo Empty Cloud9 Racing to attempt DAYTONA 500 with Matt Daleo

Post by FUEL on January 16th 2018, 8:07 pm

Cloud9 Racing supposedly was shutting their team down but coming in this afternoon their application and entry fee to the Sony Cup Series was delivered and surprisingly the team is wanting to have one more go at making the Daytona 500. The team made the Daytona 500 with Michael White last year when the team finished in the final transfer spot. 

Cloud9 Racing made the effort to run all the races except the road courses but to little success the team was only able to make 7 more races in 2017 despite running full time... The team lost it's main sponsor half way through the year. Matt Daleo started the most races for the team with 5 starts and brought the team as high as a 21st place finish.

The team on their last limb has said they are attempting the Daytona 500 because of the big purse of money the race hosts and the fact of finishing last in the race rewards so much money. Cloud9 Racing called Matt Daleo the driver that did the most help for the team in 2017. Matt Daleo will be their driver and attempt the 22nd Annual DAYTONA 500.

Cloud9 Racing has also made it known that if they make the DAYTONA 500 they will continue on to Rockingham with Daleo as their driver so it looks as though this team is on their last leg and that this is race is make or break for this little team.

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