Big Season 24 schedule shakeup

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Big Season 24 schedule shakeup Empty Big Season 24 schedule shakeup

Post by f1fan on January 20th 2018, 8:37 pm

Round of Alaska cancelled, Round of Ohio moves back to Alaska's date, Dodge Stadium takes over Ohio date

The ill-fated Round of Alaska has since been cancelled. After a recent test of the facility, it was deemed that the extreme low temperatures of running a race that far north in Alaska would be too dangerous for fans and drivers. Therefore, the Round of Alaska is cancelled. 

As time has progressed, it has also become clear that Catawba Central International Raceway in Ohio, won't be ready for a July date. Therefore, the Round of Ohio is being pushed back to the October date originally planned for Alaska. The track is expected to be quite picturesque considering how forested the area around Catawba Central is. So seeing it in autumn colors, may make it a very beautiful facility. 

As a result, the state of Texas was quite upset that they originally lost out on their date to host an ARCSOA race. The San Antonio Gunslingers United States Football team has been looking at hosting an ARCSOA race on the 0.5-mile oval that surrounds their football field. Well, to cover the date after the Independence 400, a race at Dodge-Gunslingers stadium will take place. I would expect that this race will be on the schedule for the foreseeable future.

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