Medical Report on Charles Sandfer and Hayden Kline

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Medical Report on Charles Sandfer and Hayden Kline Empty Medical Report on Charles Sandfer and Hayden Kline

Post by FUEL on March 25th 2018, 11:23 pm

One of the big headlines after Sunday's 300 mile race at California we seen a vicious crash halfway through the race where Charles Sandfer was t-boned by Hayden Kline and sent tumbling down the front straight away. Both drivers were being attended to very lengthy. A red flag was seen to allow safety workers to help get both Sandfer and Kline from the wreckage. Sandfer was able to get out under his own power after a few minutes however was seen holding his chest as he walked into the ambulance. However, it took a little over 20 minutes to remove Hayden Kline from his race car. He was awake and talking with the medical crews as both drivers were taken to the nearest hospital for further treatment. 

We have gotten word on their condition that Charles Sandfer received a concussion and broke a few ribs. Charles Sandfer who had a career move to Mace Enterprises was looking for a rebound season however this accident has dropped him down to 31st in standings and will be on the sidelines for Atlanta and is expected to be out of the race car for many weeks to come as he recovers.

As for Hayden Kline, after making a huge comeback in his racing career after massive brain injuries in 2016... Kline returned in 2017 where he struggled to find success but with his own start up race team in 2018 it seemed to be on a good start with a 3rd place finish in the DAYTONA 500 however this race has put Kline right back to step one. Hayden Kline is still being attended heavily in the hospital. Kline has went under a lot of test in the concussion protocol as the doctor's feared the worse sense another concussion would possibly be career ending and live changing for Kline. However, passing all the concussion protocol's has relieved many of the past champion's fans, friends and family members but has received multiple injuries including a fractured scapula and clavicle. These are some serious injuries in the collar bone area as Hayden Kline will be expected to go through a lengthy recovery process.

Both drivers in today's race will be forced to sit out of Atlanta and races to come in the 2018 Season as they try to recover from injuries in today's scary crash that could have been much worse.... We are very upset to have seen injuries to any driver. As for their conditions on when they'll be able to return it's really an unknown right now but it sure won't be any time soon. After a scary wreck it's leaving both Mace Enterprises and Hayden Kline's own race team as well without a driver for Atlanta and races to come so it'll be interesting who is called up to be the driver.

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