Who will replace Charles Sandfer?

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Who will replace Charles Sandfer? Empty Who will replace Charles Sandfer?

Post by FUEL on March 27th 2018, 7:50 pm

With the announcement that Scott Roush will be replacing Hayden Kline being released, fans are stirring up rumors on who could pilot the #24 Chevy for Atlanta. A big rumor in social media is that Eugene Demax will come out of retirement to fill the void... another rumor is Richard Johnson stepping up for the team he use to race for before he stepped away in 2016. Both would be strong candidates but many retired drivers like Noah Hart has also been thrown around as a possibility! Mace Enterprises is known for picking up veterans as their drivers. In 2016 we seen Jordan Davis sidelined for a few races where Mason Gordon stepped in. A veteran stepping in could very well be what happens but news of who the driver will be is uncertain at the moment.

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