Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 3

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Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 3 Empty Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 3

Post by FUEL on March 28th 2018, 9:28 pm

Following the Round of California.

1. Dom Caps - Dom Caps has been the man to start off the 2018 Season. It seems like him and his race team have found motivation after finishing runner-up in the 2017 Championship to be more prepared this year than ever to win a championship. Dom Caps is a reborn race driver it seems. The old veteran will be a threat all season I believe to win the championship. You'll be hearing a lot of this driver all season long. He's already off to a hot start.

2. James Silverfox - If there was a reward for most consistent driver in the series you have to give it to James Silverfox. Every year it seems, Silverfox is always a consistent threat to win races and be right in the Top 10 in every race to strike a challenge every week. Rumors have it that Silverfox and YAMP Motorsports might push this car into a full time effort after a great start for the #28 team finishing Top 10 in all the races so far.

3. Steven Jenkins - Many people may be forgetting Steven Jenkins got passed for the lead with 1 lap remaining in the DAYTONA 500... Had the 500 been 1 lap shorter we'd be talking about Jenkins already having a win in 2018. However, a 2nd place finish in the 500, 7th place finish at Rockingham and 8th place at California might not seem so impressive... It is very consistent and matches Caps and Silverfox as the only other drivers with Top 10s in every race so far this season. Heck of a start of Jenkins in his new ride.

4. Jake Baskinger - Being involved in a wreck in the 500 for Baskinger didn't hurt him in trying to win the Great American Race. He went and finished 4th in a damaged car. However, at Rockingham his team blew a tire 15 laps before scheduled pit stops. He fell down the order but rebounded to a 13th finish. California is where Baskinger has really brought his ranking up. Baskinger over thrown Dom Caps and kept the defending champion out of victory lane this past weekend and looks to win back to back at his home track in Atlanta.

5. D.J. Kurtis - The defending champion had a rocky start to the season at DAYTONA where he finished 41st but ever since then it has been all business. Kurtis finished 3rd at Rockingham and was a threat to win California but came up short and finished 2nd place. His determination to rebound after a terrible DAYTONA 500 has put him 5th in ranking and currently sits 8th in points.

6. Jesse Turner - The 2015 Champion has had a very solid start to the 2018 Season. Many drivers fell victim to a bad run in the DAYTONA 500 but he has came to the last 2 races with a car capable of being a Top 5 car but still hasn't found the speed to be the dominate car of the field. Turner finished 6th at Rockingham and 4th at California and looks to go back to victory lane at Atlanta where he won at last year.

7. Nick Mace - The legend himself, Nick Mace, has been coming off what seems to be a slow start in 2018 however if you think about it... It's been a rather solid start. Wrecking out of the DAYTONA 500 put Mace behind the eight ball however ever since he has finished in the Top 10 in the last 2 races. Nick Mace and his entire Mace Enterprises team doesn't look as fast as other teams but a solid rebound has put Mace 13th in points and 7th in our Power Ranking.

8. Dajon Weeks - Dajon Weeks has had a rather quiet but steady sophomore season. Wrecking out in the DAYTONA 500 put him behind like many others but a solid rebound at Rockingham and California with finishes of 10th and 6th puts him inside out Top 10 in Power Rankings.

9. Ryan Acosta - You might be thinking I'm crazy for putting Acosta 9th on the Power Ranking when he has 0 Top 10's so far this season but let me point some things out. Acosta went 5 laps down by lap 6 in the DAYTONA 500... He ended up recovering to finish only 3 laps down... So he recovered to take back 2 of his laps and still finished inside the Top 20! Rockingham and California, Acosta put up a pair of Top 15 finishes of 14th and 13th... It's clear to see the Allen Family Racing Team is struggling to find speed but the team's rock, Ryan Acosta, has shown they are still capable of solid runs as he sits a career high 9th in points right now.

10. Jordan Davis - The 2016 Champ barely makes the list after a blown engine sent his DAYTONA 500 hopes up in smoke the team looked for better luck at Rockingham but the team struggled to find speed as they were outside the Top 10 all day however found speed late in California on the final pit stop to climb his way up to a Top 5.

Who is ranked too high? Who is ranked too low? Who did I miss? Who do you believe should be in it? Is this a thing that should be continued?

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Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 3 Empty Re: Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 3

Post by CJ Racing on March 28th 2018, 9:53 pm

To your final question, YES

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