Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 4

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Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 4 Empty Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 4

Post by FUEL on April 4th 2018, 11:16 pm

Following the Round of Atlanta

1. Dom Caps (--) - Dom Caps, Season 6 Champion and now 2-Time DAYTONA 500 Champion, has continued to impress. He didn't have the fastest car at Atlanta but he found a way to be in position to take the victory if something happened and with Jenkins running out of gas it allowed Caps to score his 3rd win in 4 weeks! Impressive start for Dom Caps!

2. Jake Baskinger (+2) - Jake Baskinger's win at California really set him on fire. Going into Atlanta Baskinger started 7th and marched straight to the front and lapped half the field with not even half the race down yet. He went on to lead 76 of the race's 163 laps. Although the competition progressively caught up with Baskinger all day long... He came home with a strong 2nd place finish.

3. Steven Jenkins (--) - Steven Jenkins has been known for heartbreak's all year. He lost the DAYTONA 500 in the closing laps and ran out of gas at Atlanta. That YAMP Motorsports team got Jenkins a car at the end of the race capable of winning that race! Jenkins ran 5th-8th all race long until the end and he just marched his way to the front! Unfortunately, he ran out of gas. Jenkins could have won twice now and even with him having to pit he still finished 13th... which is his worst finish of the season but he still sits 3rd in points. Definitely the best start to a season for his career.

4. James Silverfox (-2) - Silverfox had his worst finish of the season here at Atlanta. It took a hit to him in the points as well. He fell all the way down to 5th in the points standings. He was kind of off the pace compare to what he's use to doing but an incident under caution with Jordan Davis ruining the chassis of his #28 Ford... Silverfox finished with an ill handling race car in the 26th place finish.

5. Jesse Turner (+1) - Returning to a track he last won at in 2017, Turner looked at Atlanta to be a track where he could find victory lane. Turner had an up and down race. It seemed like he wasn't as quick as some of the other drivers however Jesse Turner had a burst of speed in the middle part of the race where he led 22 laps. This strong performance despite putting together a Top 5 finish moves him up the order in Power Rankings.

6. D.J. Kurtis (-1) - D.J. Kurtis had a car capable of winning and had he not been taken out he could have won the race. It was shown in the race that Cyberton Motorsports brought some really fast Ford Fusion's with Llamas leading a lot of laps as well. Kurtis finishing out of the race in 40th has dropped him down but considering the fact he has came off back to back Top 3 finishes and was running 2nd until his accident puts him relatively high in Power Rankings considering the speed he has despite him being 18th in points.

7. Nick Mace (--) - Mace came away with his first Top 5 finish of the season here at Atlanta with a late race charge from 8th to 4th. Nick Mace also knocked down his 3rd consecutive Top 10 finish. Considering he wrecked out of the DAYTONA 500... He has some pretty solid stats for the races he has finished. We are still looking to see if Nick Mace can find victory lane. A Top 5 finish looks hopeful.

8. Dajon Weeks (--) - This was a very quiet race weekend for the sophomore driver. Weeks made hardly any noise all race long and even fell a lap down to end the race. It was definitely a disappointing run for Dajon Weeks. It was his first race this year that he actually finished where he didn't end up with at least a Top 10 finish.

9. Dillon Young (+2) - The Season 10 DAYTONA 500 Champion had a very rough start to the season back in DAYTONA. He finished 39th in the 500 but ever since then Dillon Young clicked off back to back Top 15 finishes at Rockingham and California then going into Atlanta he knocked down his first Top 10 finish of the season! Dillon Young came away with a solid 8th place finish! Moving him up to 12th in the standings.

10. Eric Burton (+3) - I have to say this one was a very difficult one to figure out. There's so many teams and drivers that are putting down some solid results but I feel Athenian Motorsports is a team on the rise and I want to highlight this driver for sure. Burton is an Owner/Driver for Athenian Motorsports and they have been working their way up the order in points. Eric Burton started off the season in a hole as he wrecked out in DAYTONA but ever since then he has finish 19th at Rockingham, 16th at California and 9th at Atlanta. He has progressively been finishing better and better every week. This spot for 10th place is being heavily contested by drivers like PJ Williams, Matthew Rodriguez, Jeffery Finguy, Ryan Acosta, Jordan Davis and others...

Moved in: Dillon Young and Eric Burton
Moved out: Ryan Acosta and Jordan Davis

Who is ranked too high? Who is ranked too low? Who shouldn't be on the list, who should be? Do you agree with me? Let me know.

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Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 4 Empty Re: Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 4

Post by JJRacer89 on April 4th 2018, 11:27 pm

Chris Dodd might show up in the top-10 before too long.

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Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 4 Empty Re: Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 4

Post by CJ Racing on April 4th 2018, 11:32 pm

JJRacer89 wrote:Chris Dodd might show up in the top-10 before too long.

I really appreciate the mention man, hopefully I can turn that Atlanta Top 5 and make it a more consistent thing, and then maybe I'll have a shot to get into one of these #Fast10 SCS Power Rankings here.

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Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 4 Empty Re: Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 4

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