BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Drivers Canned, Suspended

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BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Drivers Canned, Suspended Empty BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Drivers Canned, Suspended

Post by ChrisLouviere on April 15th 2018, 4:19 pm

Willow Springs is one of the most insane that the Silm Jim Series offered in Season 4. There are multiple reports of drivers being canned and/or suspend. Ryan Cooper, Daniel Smith, and Princess Percle are the drivers received a lot of screen time at Willow Springs.

Ryan Cooper Canned From RJ Manson After Dumping His Boss

Ryan Cooper has one of the most underwhelming seasons in the Slim Jim Series. He is ranked dead last in rookie standings and has the second-fewest points by a split car driver. After the race, RJ Manson announces Ryan Cooper is no longer with the team. After having a great race in the first half, Cooper battled against his boss, RJ Manson for position. He dumped Manson without hesitation. Other reasons are inconsistencies and stupidity. Then karma got him as Cooper finished in 30th.

There is an open spot for the 8 car for Bathurst (round 23) and Arkansas (round 24). RJ Manson found his replacement of Johnathan Dwyer. Johnathan Dwyer never raced in the Slim Jim in over season and a half. He will replace Cooper in rounds 23 and 24 while Luke Trigger will run Indianapolis. This is a short-term contract for Dwyer.

Princess Percle Is Suspended and Canned

Princess Percle is a mystery to all of us. Silly season has no idea what Princess is doing. Well, Princess is suspended by the Slim Jim Series but got canned from the Baby Tribe 5000. Everyone is happy to see Princess Percle gone, but the team seeks a replacement. Princess Percle pushes Cosmic Nova off of track limits then proceed to shove Nasu Tsunemochi and wreck him and Chica Louviere. There is no word if she is getting hired next season.

The replacement for the 55 funny enough is Ryan Cooper. While Ryan Cooper is underperforming, he still has the potential to be a good driver at best. He also sends him a message that his Slim Jim Series could be in jeopardy. It is also strong possibility that Ryan Cooper could be a full-time for the Baby Tribe 5000's 55 car.

Daniel Smith Suspended, Charles Sandfer Makes Return

Daniel Smith is normally a pacifist throughout his career. However, being a lap down and want to be on the lead lead, he changed how he act. Daniel Smith dumps Sean Angel, the race leader and points leader. It causes a DNF not only to Daniel Smith but to Sean Angel. The Slim Jim Series will give Daniel Smith a one-race suspension. Charles Sandfer is going to replace Daniel Smith at Bathurst. Charles had a top 10 run at this season's 1 in 70. He is poised to get another good result and another Australian track win.
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