Dom Caps: "We'll be back in business at New Hampshire"

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Dom Caps: "We'll be back in business at New Hampshire" Empty Dom Caps: "We'll be back in business at New Hampshire"

Post by FUEL on April 19th 2018, 10:38 am

A change a top the points standings has the fans talking about Jake Baskinger and team being the driver to beat however Dom Caps and his Martin Motorsports team believes they'll be back to true form at New Hampshire for Round 7 to really turn up the heat. 3 wins and 5 Top 10s in the first 6 races are stats you can't just ignore. A bad run on the dirt has plummeted Caps' big point lead to absolutely nothing to the point where Caps trails Baskinger by 15 points. Here's what Dom Caps had to say about his run out in Springfield and as he gets ready for the upcoming round.

Dom Caps: "Yeah it wasn't the best weekend by any means for us. We had a decent car in the heat race and then the team made some changes and the car didn't react well at all. I have also had very little to no experience on the dirt tracks, so it was definitely a struggle for us. It's a good thing this was early in the season and we have plenty of time to regain the points lead. We'll be back to business at New Hampshire for this 6 team and I don't expect this past run to be any indication of us falling off at all."

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